10 recommended travel destinations for 2018

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Guest Writer

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the likes of Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor and there seems to be a bit of a trend going on, one which deserves a mention if you are looking for somewhere new to venture to in 2018.

Here are ten destinations which are believed to be on the rise and we have to agree, they definitely deserve a visit.



Chile packs 36 national parks containing incredible mountain, desert, glacial and coastal landscapes into a stretch of land 4,300 kilometres long and just 175 kilometres wide. It is best known as one of the world’s greatest adventure destinations but Chile offers plenty of cultural treats too including tango halls, art galleries, museums, parillas, wine, and open, warm people.



Venture from the golf, sun and sea and you will soon discover elegant, medieval towns and villages as well as striking landscapes which keep Portugal beautifully traditional. The elegant capital of Lisbon makes a brilliant city break with its impressive foodie scene, UNECO-listed Tower of Belém and the Monastery of the Hieronymites. Finally, don’t miss the stunning Lisbon Coast.

New Zealand

Whether you’re looking to explore the North Island, South Island or both, New Zealand needs to be on your bucket list! Its national parks are breathtakingly diverse, its wild, sweeping landscapes having provided the epic backdrop to the film: Lord of the Rings. Once you’ve visited the parks, New Zealand’s city life is equally mesmerising – don’t miss vibrant Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler offers stunning mountain landscapes, the pedestrian-only Village and plenty of reliable snow for skiing and other winter sports. During the warmer months, keep active by improving your swing on the nation’s stunning golf courses or going mountain biking and hiking. Then there are the spas, festivals, bars and restaurants, making Whistler perfect for a multitude of activities.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

This remote, unspoiled beach town is paradise. A mecca for kite surfing and windsurfing, it’s equally popular for simply soaking up the sun on picture-perfect, white sandy beaches. Until only 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was a completely secluded, simple fishing village. Today the basic necessities are there but you can still expect the simplest and most tranquil of palm-fringed beach getaways.

Kihei, Hawaii

If diving, swimming and sunbathing are your dream, head to Maui’s western shore and Kihei has all you need, including an array of quality hotels and restaurants. The area hosts the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary making it excellent for spotting these vast mammals in the wild. Be sure to take a trip along the coastline to see the impressive Haleakala and Puu Kukui volcanoes.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is Georgia’s ancient and vibrant capital city. Straddling both banks of the Mtkvari River, it sits impressively surrounded on three sides by mountains. History abounds in this city – archaeological studies indicate human settlement as early as the 4th millennium BC – don’t miss the Old Town (Altstadt), the Bridge of Peace. The historic National Botanical Garden of Georgia is also a must-see.

Jodhpur, India

Beautiful Jodhpur is nick-named “Sun City” due to the glorious year-round sunshine and “Blue City” for its striking blue buildings backed by the Thar Desert. The city is steeped in history so try to make time to explore its historic forts, palaces and temples in all their grandeur. Then wander through the bustling bazaars with their exquisite textiles, carpets, embroidered leather goods and more.


You will no doubt want to see the iconic Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City. But it’s the sheer scale of this energetic nation that leaves you with lasting memories. China’s cities are modern and efficient while long-held traditions underpin just about everything you do. China also boasts swathes of lush, terraced paddies, the Yangtze River and sharp Himalayan peaks.

South Africa

Lions roam freely in Kruger National Park; vineyards stretch across the Cape; and mountains cascade to the sea along vast stretches of coast. There’s ample opportunity to join safaris or visit the nation’s modern, cultural cities. When in Cape Town, don’t miss world-famous Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, or the views from the cable car to the top of Cable Mountain.