Health and fitness trends for 2018

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Guest Writer

Just as one year surely follows another, a new wave of health and fitness trends emerge with the same regularity. We’ve had avocados, kale and quinoa as well as mindfulness and more, so what are we likely to be presented with in 2018 as the next superfood, wonder diet or new exercise approach?


If 2017 was all about turmeric, then 2018 will be moringa’s year. I came across this herb about six months back at a Spanish eco-produce market and it was attracting a steady flow of buyers. Moringa is a ‘super-green’ from south of the equator and it is believed to be an even more powerful anti-inflammatory than turmeric. Scientists have called it the “world’s most useful tree” and it has been used historically for healing in India, China and Africa. It has twice the protein of spinach and three times as much iron, plus high amounts of other vitamins and minerals. You’ll find it added to juices, protein powders and snacks and in 2018, it is likely you’ll see it in skincare products, because it’s great for your skin.


Child’s play

Psychologist Jenny Eden Berk believes that in 2018 there will be an exercise movement that focuses on returning to a child-like state of play. It is all about getting people moving while having fun at the same time, rather than just focusing on burning calories or toning muscle.
Child's Play


Exercise with your pets

One personal trainer, Trinity S. Perkins, foresees a growth in classes that allow you to exercise with your pets.  So, why not go for a run or bike ride with your dog? I have recently seen contraptions to attach to your bike that safely keep your dog running by your side while you pedal. But if you’d rather stay home, cat yoga is an interesting alternative!

Intermittent fasting

We have written about this before and it would appear that this trend is only going to get stronger. Intermittent fasting, which involves cycling between fasting and non-fasting to encourage weight loss and maintenance, is already being promoted by a number of fitness celebrities and experts — it was only a matter of time before intermittent fasting went mainstream.”



This is another trend that Positively 50+ has picked up on before, although I didn’t predict it becoming even bigger in 2018. But, according to coach Katie Dunlop, our love affair with the gloves and the ring is not over. From her perspective, boxing’s popularity can be explained by the fact “that punching a bag makes you feel so fierce.” She added: “I think there will be a huge trend toward boxing in 2018. Whether at home, in a private gym, or in group fitness classes, there are going to be tons more women learning to bob and weave and throw a one-two punch this year.”


I’m sure there will be other trends that will appear in 2018, but these five are enough to inspire us in the meantime and ensure we start the new year right on trend!