Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Posted on May 25, 2018 by Guest Writer

We’ve all been confronted with the age old question of what we would want to see or do if money were no object. And thanks to such astonishing developments in technology and design, the list of what is actually possible is steadily getting longer. Here are a few once-in-a-lifetime experiences that would be worth the price tag.

Visit Antarctica

Antarctica is the only place on earth that remains uninhabited, saved for a few scientists and researchers. But exploring it is becoming an increasingly popular pursuit for adventures with a healthy bank balance.

There are growing numbers of expeditions now offering all kinds of trips to the frozen continent but if you really want to do it in style, the Whichaway Camp has just six luxury pods perched beneath an ice cliff on the edge of a frozen lake. You can even take your own private jet to the South Pole for a cool $84,000 (as part of a package with White Desert).
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Dive the Titanic

There have been more people travel into space than visit the wreck of the Titanic, which as has sat at the bottom of the ocean for more than a century. But as of July this year, members of the public will be able to descend into the deep to see the most famous shipwreck in history.

The $105,129 experience is part of a ten-day mission led by OceanGate Expeditions that will take up to nine adventurers at a time from the coast of Newfoundland in Canada, out to the wreck site. The actual dive takes place in a specially designed submersible, reaching depths of up to 4000m and gliding over the ship’s deck.


Stay on a Luxury Submarine

If the thought of underwater adventure creates waves but doesn’t quite seem luxurious enough then think again. In 2014, Oliver’s Travels decided to launch a luxury submarine called Lovers Deep, available for private hire for a mere £175,000 per night.

Staffed by its very own captain, chef and butler, this remarkable vessel can be moored at a location of the customer’s choosing – anywhere in the world.

Whilst every inch of the submarine is exquisitely designed and furnished, it is of course the view through the glass that makes it an experience like no other.
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Fly Into Space

What could possibly be more incredible than seeing the Earth from space? What was once exclusive to just a handful of chosen people and trained astronauts is now within the grasp of anyone who can afford it.

Zero-2-Infinity is a company that has devoted its attention to making space more accessible, and has developed a giant stratospheric balloon that takes passengers up to a 36km above the Earth. The entire trip only lasts for about four hours, with a two-hour float at the top to take in the view and will set you back over £100,000.


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Journey into a Volcano

There are few things more exhilarating than getting up close to some of the world’s greatest forces of nature. So imagine finding yourself standing at the bottom of a volcano’s magma chamber – the closest thing to being in the centre of the Earth.

For just over £300 per person, a 50 minute guided hike will take you up to the crater of Iceland’s dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano, where you will then descend 120m in an open cable lift, right to the bottom of the magma chamber. Here, a beautiful and surreal subterranean world awaits.