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Before deciding whether you’d like to contact us about submitting a guest post, please familiarise yourself with our guest posting guidelines to make sure we’re a good fit for each other!

Our readers:

Our readers live in the UK, are over 50 and have pre-existing medical conditions.
As such, any guest posts will need to be relevant to our audience.

Topics we talk about:

We can accept guest posts in the following topics as long as they are relevant to our readership:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Over 50s Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Worldwide

Any topic needs to be tailored to inspire, empower or contain useful information that’s relevant to our readers and their interests.

We will not publish any guest article that is based on opinion, unproven/alternative treatments, or that has been written with the intention of selling products or services from any supplier. Our readers are reading our articles to be entertained or to learn something new, not to be sold to. We respect that.

Before you submit your idea, please make sure that we haven’t already covered the topic as we will not publish the same idea twice.

Your bio:

  • All guest posts need to be authored by a person, with an author bio that explains why you know your stuff in this area. After all, our readers need to know they can trust that the information you’re sharing.
  • Author bios should be up to 250 words and can contain a link to your website or social media. All links to your website will be no-followed.
  • You will need to provide a clear, high quality picture of you that is 200x200px in size.


  • Any links to your own site will be no followed and should only be added to the author bio.
  • Anchor text should be varied and natural, opting for longer form instead of tailored anchor text where not a brand name.
    – For example ‘here you’ll find the airport parking study details’ rather than ‘airport car parking’.
  • Link to a minimum of four relevant websites throughout the content.
  • No links will be accepted that land on pages with a commercial focus apart from homepages where relevant.

Article length:

We accept guest blog posts at any length, but generally they’re over 600 words. Longer articles are always better if you’re looking to create something of real value to our readers, but if you can do that in 600 words then great. We’re unlikely to publish articles that are only 600 words long unless it provides real value.

General articles guidelines:

  • We do not accept pre-written articles.
  • We do not accept infographics.
  • You must be able to write in fluent English.
  • Please take care to check your article for spelling or grammatical errors – we will not publish posts that need a lot of editing and this will result in an automatic rejection.
  • Keep your sentences short. And sweet.
  • Write your article conversationally, it should flow naturally.
  • Choose to use simpler words, avoiding jargon where possible or explaining where needed.
  • Any statements or statistics that are made will need to be referenced from a trustworthy source – including a link for more information.
  • We will fully own any content provided to us and can make editorial changes, including amending or removing the article at any point if deemed necessary by Staysure.
  • Articles will need an introduction section that should be formatted as follows:
  1. What’s the problem/ why are people interested in this topic?
  2. How can they solve the problem / how they can learn more to improve their life?
  3. How you’re going to help in this article/ call to action to read on.

As a working example:

  1. When you’ve booked your holiday, are you the type of person that books your airport parking as soon as possible, wanting to get the best deal? Or do you leave it til the last minute or on the day, thinking there will definitely be a spot for you as you’re not flying from a busy airport?
    Do you often wonder if there’s a difference, other than peace of mind?
  2. We’ve investigated the top ten UK airports by passenger number and taken a deep dive into airport car parking.
  3. Take a look at our surprising findings to see how popular the airport you’re travelling from is and whether finding a car parking space is more competitive than you might think…

How we share guest posts:

As well as being posted on our website, good guest posts may be chosen to feature on our social media channels as well as in our email newsletters.

Submitting your idea:

Please submit your idea to us by emailing us. If we agree that your idea is relevant to our audience, we will respond directly to the email address provided.

There may be one of three outcomes:

  • Accept
  • Develop
  • Reject

Please note that we receive a lot of requests for guest posts, so please bear with us. Any duplicate submissions will be deleted. We will only respond to requests that are submitted through the above form.

As well as automatic rejection of articles, we also reserve the right to reject an article after submission if it’s deemed to not fit our audience or if it would take too much time to edit due to any structure, spelling and grammatical amends needed. Although sometimes disappointing, our decision is final and we will not further discuss the outcome of the article.

Where possible, if your article idea has been drafted and needs a bit more work, we will start by offering constructive feedback to improve and tailor the article to our readers expectations before we would reach the point of rejection.

My article has been accepted! When will it be published?

When we get to the point of your finished article being fully accepted, we’ll enter the guest post into our schedule to be published.

Your publish date could be anytime in the next couple of months, depending on what else we have in our schedule.

Once we know your publish date, we can share this with you along with the website address it will be published on where available.