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  • Travel Insurance

    Can Staysure insure people under age 50?
    Yes, Staysure can insure people under 50 and has no upper age limit on both Single and Annual Multi-Trip policies.
    Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 for the duration of the trip.
    When should I buy travel insurance?
    Ideally, you should buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday. If you’re taking out a Single Trip Travel Insurance policy, cover for cancellation starts at the time you book the trip or pay the insurance premium, whichever is later. Single Trip policies from Staysure can be bought up to 13 months in advance of your holiday, perfect for expensive cruise holidays.
    If you have bought an Annual Multi-Trip policy, cancellation cover starts at the time that you book the trip or the first day of the period of cover as shown on your Validation Certificate, whichever is later. A Staysure Annual Travel Insurance policy can be bought up to 90 days before its intended start date.
    Does my travel insurance policy cover repatriation?
    Yes, our Basic Travel Insurance policy offers cover for up to £5 million while our Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy offers unlimited cover for repatriation.
    What is Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)?
    Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a Government levy that applies to all insurance policies. Currently in the UK Travel insurance qualifies for 20% tax. This tax is not to be confused with Value Added Tax (VAT).
    Can travel start outside of the UK?
    Travel must always start from the UK – this includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
    Can I cancel my policy at any time?
    Policies are fully refundable (minus any postage) within 14 days of booking for any reason, so long as travel has not commenced and not made a claim. After 14 days policies are non-refundable but may be upgraded subject to an additional premium.
    Can I make changes to my policy?
    Yes, upgrades can be made at any time before departure within the terms and conditions of the policy. However it isn’t possible to reduce coverage in return for a partial refund.
    Can I renew my policy while travelling?
    We are unable to renew policies while you are travelling outside of your country of residence. We recommend you contact us before you travel should your policy expire while travelling.
    What should I do if I find a mistake on my policy?
    If you notice an error on your policy, please call our Customer Service team on 0333 014 4512.
    What’s the definition of a couple for travel insurance?
    The definition of couple for travel insurance is: you and your wife, husband, civil partner or partner who lives with you in a relationship for at least six months at the same address as you, regardless of gender. On an annual multi-trip policy insured adults can travel independently.
    What’s the definition of a family for travel insurance?
    The definition of a family for travel insurance is:
    ✓ you and your wife, husband, civil partner or partner who lives with you in a relationship for at least six months at the same address as you, regardless of gender ✓ your unmarried dependent children (including adopted, fostered and step-children) under the age of 18 years (or under the age of 21 if in full-time education), living in the same household, including children living away from home in full-time education.
    What’s the definition of a single parent family for travel insurance?
    A single parent family is defined for travel insurance as one adult and all of his/ her unmarried dependent children (including adopted, fostered and step-children) under the age of 18 years (or under the age of 21 if in full-time education), living in the same household, including children living away from home in full time education.
    What should I do if I have not received my policy documents by email (if requested)?
    All policy documents that are sent out by email usually arrive within 2 minutes where a correct email address has been provided. However, occasionally the email can be rejected due to limited inbox size or it could be sent to your spam or junk folder.
    As a general rule if you have not received your policy within 4 hours of making your booking, call our Customer Service team on 0333 014 4512 who will check your email address and resend your documents.
    What should I do if I am unable to open my policy documents sent via email?
    Your policy wording document is sent as a PDF file attachment.
    However, if you are experiencing difficulties opening the file please call our Customer Service team on 0333 014 4512 who will be happy to help you.
    What should I do if I haven’t received my posted policy documents?
    Please allow seven working days (Monday-Friday) for your documents to arrive. If they haven’t arrived after this time, call our Customer Service team on 0333 014 4512.
    What is the maximum trip duration?
    The maximum trip duration varies by age, destination and policy type:
    Single Trip Travel Insurance can cover you for up to 104 days, which is over 3 months, with no upper age limit
    Cover may be extended up to a maximum duration of 550 days, which is about 18 months, with our Long Stay Travel Insurance depending on age and destination
    Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies can cover all trips in a year, as long as the total time on your trip does not exceed 183 days (which is about 6 months) with a standard maximum single trip duration limit of:
    50 days if you’re aged 70 or under, which can be increased to 100 days for one trip with an additional premium
    35 days if you’re 71 and above
    Does travel insurance cover include business or voluntary work?
    Staysure travel insurance policies do not cover any type of business or voluntary work.
    What is the difference between single trip and annual travel insurance?
    The difference between choosing a single trip or annual policy is how often you’re planning on travelling, how long you’re planning on travelling for and where you’re going to:
    With an Annual Travel Insurance policy, you will be covered for multiple trips in a 12-month period (trip limits apply). You can buy your policy up to 90 days before you want it to start.
    A single trip policy will cover you for one return trip and can be bought up to 13 months before you travel.
    Both have no upper age limit.
    Do I need to declare any medical conditions I had over two years ago?
    Yes, there are occasions where it’s important to declare conditions that you’ve had over two years ago. Even if your medical condition has been fully treated, or is currently being managed and doesn’t cause you any trouble.
    You will always need to declare a condition on your medical travel insurance if you’ve ever had:

      • Any cardiovascular condition – including high blood pressure or cholesterol
      • Any heart condition

    And if you’ve had any of the following in the past two years relating to your medical condition:

    • Symptoms
    • Treatment/ medication
    • Investigation
    • Medical appointments
    • Follow-ups
    • Check-ups
    • Surgery
    If a medical condition is ‘excluded’ on my travel insurance what does that mean?
    This means that any travel insurance claim which relates either directly or indirectly to all the excluded medical conditions will not be covered by your policy. However, cover remains in place for any other unrelated insurance claim.
    Can I take out travel insurance if I am currently being diagnosed, under referral, awaiting an operation or haven’t been discharged from outpatient care?
    As long as you are not travelling against the advice of a doctor and are not travelling for a medical consultation or treatment, we may be able to offer you some level of travel insurance cover.
    Take a look at our awaiting surgery and diagnosis page to see how we could cover your specific scenario.
    Do I need to tell Staysure about any changes to my health or medical conditions?
    Yes, any changes to your health/medical conditions since purchasing your travel insurance policy need to be declared.
    These changes may result in an additional premium or variation of the cover provided. Please call our Customer Services team on 0333 014 4512 to notify us of any changes.
    What sort of medical conditions do you cover?
    We consider all conditions including travel insurance for high blood pressure, cancer, heart conditions and diabetes.
    Learn more about how we can cover pre-existing conditions and what you may be asked during our medical screening process.
  • Automatic renewal

    What is auto-renewal for travel insurance?
    Auto-renewals saves you time when it comes to renewing your Annual Travel Insurance. We take the details you gave us when you bought your policy and create your quote for another year of travel. We’ll send the details to you in the post 21 days before renewal. If you’re happy with the quote and if there are no changes to make, you don’t need to do a thing – your policy will automatically renew and cover you for another year.
    If you have any questions, please call our Renewals team on 0800 014 7808.
    Why do we automatically renew your annual policy?
    Automatically renewing your policy means you won’t need to worry about your cover lapsing and it will simply roll on year to year with no gap – as long as your medical and payment details remain the same and you are still eligible.
    This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are covered if you want to make a last minute trip.
    How does the automatic renewal process work?
    Each year we will send you a copy of your renewal terms, these may be from your existing provider or a different insurer. We will send your renewal reminder by post or email (depending on how you received your documents the previous year) at least 21 days before your current policy is due to expire, with details of your premium and policy for the coming year.
    If you have chosen to renew using a continuous payment method, we will automatically renew your policy each year, with effect from the renewal date, using the payment details you have provided.
    Payment will be taken on the day the policy expires. If you have not chosen to automatically renew and do not contact us before your renewal date, your policy will lapse and no insurance will be in place.
    What if my medical conditions have changed when I’ve been sent an auto-renewal?
    Contact us at least 5 days before your renewal date if you need to make any changes to your policy on 0800 014 7808.
    What if I need to change my payment details?
    If you wish to change your card details please call our Renewals Team on 0800 014 7808.
    What if I want to only renew myself and not the other people named on the policy?
    No problem, but you will need to let us know at least 5 days before the date your policy expires in order for us to update this on your policy.
    What if I need to change my personal details such as my address?
    If you wish to change any details on your policy please call our Renewals Team on 0800 014 7808.
    Can I stop my policy from automatically renewing?
    If you’d prefer us not to renew your policy automatically, please call us at least 5 days before your renewal date on 0800 014 7808.
    Can I cancel my policy if it has been automatically renewed?
    Yes, call our Customer Services team on 0800 014 7808 if you would like to cancel your policy after it has been automatically renewed. You’ll have a 14 day cooling off period after the renewal date to cancel and get a refund minus any postage fees – assuming no claims have been made.
  • Claims

    Who should I contact if I need to make a claim?
    Depending on the nature of your claim, please call the emergency medical number or general claims number provided on the final page of your policy wording document, or click here for a list of all claims numbers.
    It’s always best to call the claims team as soon as you can if you think you need to claim. They will be able to advise as to any supporting documentation that will be needed in order to support your claim to avoid disappointment when you return back to the UK.
    Can I submit my claim online?
    You can submit most travel insurance claims online if you wish, depending on what you’re claiming for. Choosing to submit your claim online can be quicker and easier than completing paper forms – as you won’t need to wait for us to receive your forms and supporting documentation.
    Where online claims are unavailable or where you’d prefer to fill out paper forms, you can download, or choose to be mailed, claim forms. The forms as well as supporting information will then need to be submitted by post to the address detailed on the form. The list of forms and information on supporting documents is available here.
  • How you can be covered for specific events?

    If I have pre-paid my travel and hotel accommodation as part of a package, but can’t go due to a natural disaster, can I claim these costs from you?
    If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against travel to your trip destination before your trip begins, due to earthquake, fire, flood or a hurricane; then travel and accommodation are covered under ‘Cancellation’. The level of Cancellation cover will be shown on your Validation Certificate and will reflect your chosen value.
    If I used Air Miles to pay for my ticket, will you cover my loss?
    Unfortunately, tickets paid for with Air Miles or other reward schemes are not covered by any travel insurance policy.
    Can I claim back Airport Departure Duty/Tax for a journey I could not take?
    Unfortunately, this small cost is not included in our policies.
    What happens if the Government says I can’t travel to my destination?
    With all our travel insurance policies, you are only covered if the advice against travel is because of fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane.
    You would need to add our Travel Disruption Extension to be insured for scenarios where the FCO/WHO advice against travel for any other reason (including evacuation).
    What happens if there is a terrorist event or natural disaster while I’m on holiday?
    If you experience a natural disaster or terrorist event while you’re on holiday, then you might either need to be confined on your trip to ensure your ongoing safety or have to cut your trip short.
    If this happens to you, you’ll only be covered to make a claim if you have chosen our Travel Disruption Extension cover option.