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Getting the right travel insurance with cellulitis

When it comes to travel insurance, it’s worth doing right.

For you, this means making sure that all of your pre-existing medical conditions are covered – including cellulitis.

Declaring cellulitis on your holiday insurance means that if you need any urgent medical assistance relating to your skin condition then we will be able to cover you properly.

Find out more about how our travel insurance can protect you. When you’re ready, you can either get your quote online or call our friendly team on 0800 033 4902.

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Why should I trust Staysure for my travel insurance?

Nobody wants to think about having to claim on their insurance policy, but it’s more common than you might think. 1 in 20 people claimed on their Annual policy in 2017**.

When it comes to getting the right travel insurance for your needs, we know it’s about more than just trusting us to be here to pay for a bill.

Needing emergency medical assistance in another country can be daunting. From knowing where to find a trustworthy medical facility to knowing if your consultant will understand what you’re trying to tell them, there’s a lot that can cause worry.

This is where we can help. It’s also one of the reasons why we’ve been voted the UK’s Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider in 2018 and 2017 by Moneywise.

With our 24 hour medical emergency helpline, we have a multilingual team available who can point you in the right direction. They can even act as a translator between you and your doctors to make sure you’re getting the care you need.

If you need to be transferred to somewhere with better medical facilities to help you get better faster, we’ll help you get there safely. We’ll even send out a trained medical professional to fly with you and to be by your side.

As for the daunting medical bill, if the bill comes to more than £350, we’ll try and pay the medical facility directly where possible.

What does our travel insurance cover?

Basic Comprehensive
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation up to £5m
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £500 with optional upgrade to £3,000
  • Baggage claims up to £300
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £250
  • Excess £85 – £100
  • Unlimited medical emergency and repatriation cover
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £5,000 up to £15,000
  • Baggage loss up to £2,500
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £500
  • Legal protection cover of up to £25,000
  • Optional upgrades for cruise, golf and more
  • Excess £65

What questions do we ask about your pre-existing medical conditions?

When you have pre-existing medical conditions to declare, we’ll ask you a few simple questions in our medical screening.

There’s no doctors appointments needed, just a few questions to help us to find out more about how your conditions affect you to create a policy tailored to you.

It’s important that you answer our questions as honestly as you can, or you may find that you’re not covered.

The questions we ask about cellulitis include:

  • How many episodes of cellulitis requiring hospital treatment have you had?
  • Are you still being treated for cellulitis?

Completing our medical screening is easy and can either be completed online or on the phone with our friendly team.

I had septicaemia 3 months ago as a result of cellulitis and was admitted to hospital. Will you still cover me for my cellulitis?

As long as you have completed any post-surgery follow-up treatment and your doctor has passed you as fit to travel, we will be happy to consider you for travel insurance.

Make sure you declare your septicaemia, cellulitis and any other pre-existing medical conditions you might have when you take out your policy.

If you fail to do so, you risk your policy being rendered invalid and any claim you make may be refused.

What if my medical conditions change before I go?

If you have any change to your medical conditions – including new symptoms or a change in medication then it’s important you let us know.

This helps us to amend your policy to make sure you’re covered properly.

Cellulitis Travel Insurance

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*£15,000 cancellation cover available on comprehensive policies and is subject to additional underwriting criteria.

**5.04% of Annual policy holders claimed on their insurance in 2017.