Why use our lung cancer travel insurance?

Lung cancer is the third most common form of cancer in the UK, with over 45,000 new cases diagnosed in 2013. As specialists in cover with pre-existing medical conditions, our screening process takes all lung cancer types and severity into account, meaning we can often provide you with a quote to suit your exact needs.

If you would like more information about our travel insurance policies to cover lung cancer, please give our travel insurance specialists a call on 0800 033 4902 and they will gladly help. Alternatively, get a quote online in just minutes by completing our simple screening process.

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Why do I need travel insurance for lung cancer?

Before you make your holiday reservations or take out travel insurance, it is very important to seek confirmation from your doctor that you are fit to travel.

Travelling without insurance when you have lung cancer means you are exposing yourself unnecessarily to potentially large bills for emergency treatment should you fall ill when far from home. It is good to know that, should the unforeseen happen, you are well covered with a policy that suits your exact needs. Our policies not only cover you for all medical emergencies and repatriation, you’ll also automatically receive cover for lost baggage, valuables, cash and more.

We understand that it is distressing enough to need treatment for lung cancer or related illnesses, let alone if you are in a foreign country. We can provide you with the best possible policy to suit your condition which takes care of you while you are away.

Tips for travelling with lung cancer

Lung cancer should not cause you undue problems when you travel, unless your level of lung function is severely affected.

Changes in altitude and pressure, as well as potentially reduced oxygen levels, are part of flying and need to be considered. In some cases, they could cause adverse effects, depending upon the type and severity of your condition. If you have had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), you will need to get clearance from your doctor that it is safe to fly.

Your doctor will also need to be aware if you plan to take a long haul flight. Sitting for long periods increases the possibility of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition which is particularly prevalent in lung cancer patients. Your doctor’s clearance to travel will be reassuring

  • Bring a letter from your GP and keep it with you in your hand luggage. It should state the details of your condition and medications you take, should you need to show this during your trip
  • Your inhalers must be kept handy and safe in your hand luggage, not in your hold luggage
  • If you tend to get breathless, bear in mind that distances to departure gates can be quite long. Ensure you have plenty of time to rest and travel with an able companion
  • Should you require airport assistance to get about, you will normally need to arrange this with the airport before the day you travel
  • Not all aircraft carry extra oxygen on board, so if you are likely to need it, find out from the airline whether they carry more than emergency supplies. If you wish to bring your own medical supplies or equipment, make sure you get permission from the airline to take it on board. Equipment must be battery operated but you will be unlikely to be allowed to use it during take-off or landing
  • Bring your Staysure certificate number and emergency phone numbers with you. Our medical emergency staff are always available to liaise with doctors and ensure you get the care you need until you are fit to return home and resume your normal treatment. Your policy will often include cover for alternative travel arrangements and accommodation for you and a companion until you are fit to return home.

Common questions about lung cancer travel insurance

  • I have lung cancer. I am now undergoing treatment, can you cover me if I have an emergency while away?

    We consider all medical conditions including lung cancer, for travel insurance. Provided you have answered the medical screening questions to the best of your knowledge and you pay any additional premium necessary. Your doctor will have to give you written clearance to travel and, once the underwriter has accepted cover, we can provide you with the insurance you need.
  • Can you fly with lung cancer?

    Many people with lung cancer can fly safely, however discussing your plans with your doctor is essential. For some people with compromised lung function, discomfort may occur when flying due to the change in air pressure if supplemental oxygen is not readily available – this should be arranged with the airline at least two weeks prior to the flight.
  • My tumour was removed and the cancer has not spread elsewhere. Will you cover me if my cancer reappears during my holiday?

    Yes, any emergency treatment will be covered, provided the policy is taken out correctly. You’ll need to declare all your pre-existing medical conditions and any other questions must be answered to the best of your knowledge. The underwriter will have to accept your pre-existing medical conditions and you will need to pay any additional premium if necessary.
  • I am undergoing radiotherapy. Can you cover me for related treatment while I am away?

    Our policies cover any emergency treatment needed while abroad, providing a policy is taken out correctly with all pre-existing medical conditions declared and accepted.

    However, we cannot offer cover if you are planning to travel with the intention of receiving medical treatment abroad.

  • Will you help if I lose my medication while on holiday?

    Yes, our comprehensive policies assist you in replacing lost drugs or other essential medication you might need. In addition, we will help to replace broken prescription glasses or contact lenses which you can’t easily obtain overseas.
  • What if I need hospital treatment which prevents me from flying home on my booked flight?

    If you have a comprehensive policy, our medical officer will confirm whether or not it is essential for you to stay in the country until you are fit to fly. If this is the case, then your policy will cover additional travelling costs and accommodation for you and one person accompanying you on the trip home. If you are travelling with children, we will even arrange for a competent person to be provided to accompany them home.

Lung Cancer Travel Insurance

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