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Why do I need to cover my gadgets with travel insurance?

Accidents can happen at any time to your electronic devices, including when you’re on holiday so it’s important so cover them with your travel insurance.

A gadget is a portable electronic device, like a mobile phone, tablet, digital camera or e-reader.

By adding gadget cover to your Comprehensive policy, on either a Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip, you can have extra peace of mind that you’re protected.

When going on holiday, taking gadgets with you is meant to enhance the experience. From keeping in contact with those at home, or to document your trip, having gadgets with you shouldn’t be the cause for your holiday going wrong. But without proper cover, you could risk the financial burden of replacing your gadgets.

From lost or stolen gadgets to accidental liquid damage, having proper travel insurance in place that covers your gadgets can give you peace of mind, knowing that if the worst happens, you have our support in replacing or repairing them when you get home.

Our Basic and Comprehensive policies can cover gadgets as part of your personal belongings cover as standard but individual limits apply. If your gadgets are worth more than £500 each then it may be worthwhile choosing our optional gadget cover to boost your item cover to £2000.

If I don’t choose the gadget add-on, what’s already included as standard?

For both Basic and Comprehensive policies, we can cover your gadgets as part of our list of valuables covered, which include:

  • Digital media
  • Games consoles
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and other computer equipment
  • Hand-held electronic devices (Mp3 players, Mp4 players, iPods, iPads, Kindles and other associated software.)

What is covered by the optional gadget cover add-on?

We’ll cover your gadgets, worldwide (subject to territorial limits), up to £2,000 (total maximum claim but can be spread over multiple items or a single item.)

To add our optional gadget cover, you’ll need to choose our comprehensive policy and then select the gadget cover add-on.

Here’s what’s included with our optional gadget cover, on top of the standard personal belongings cover:

Accidental damage:

We’ll arrange a repair of your gadget if damaged by an accident or malicious damage. If your gadget can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it for you.


If your gadget is stolen, we’ll replace it. Where only part/parts of your gadget have been stolen, we’ll only replace these parts.

Accidental loss:

If you lose your gadget, we’ll replace it. Please note that laptops are not insured for accidental loss.


If your gadget has an electrical breakdown, which happens outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period, we’ll repair it. If your gadget can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it for you. This cover option isn’t available for laptops.

Unauthorised call/data use:

If your mobile phone is used fraudulently because you’ve lost it, or it was stolen, we’ll reimburse you the costs after receiving a receipt of your phone bill, up to £2,000.

Liquid damage:

If your gadget gets damaged after coming into contact with any liquid, we’ll repair it. If it can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it.

Please note that we can only cover gadgets bought less than 6 years ago (as new or refurbished directly from the manufacturer) from the UK. We’ll ask you for proof of ownership, through a receipt or other document, to support your claim.

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* Each gadget over three years old has an excess of £50