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Why use our pancreatic cancer travel insurance?

Pancreatic cancer should not stop you from travelling wherever you wish, provided you have made suitable arrangements in advance. One of the things you will need to think about is getting adequate travel insurance for your pancreatic cancer.

We consider all medical conditions and offer a simple medical screening process which can be completed online or over the phone. To find out about our cover options and to apply for a quote please contact our travel insurance team on 0800 033 4902 who will be glad to help you with any questions you may have. Alternatively, click below to apply for a quote online.

Why do I need travel insurance for pancreatic cancer?

Travel insurance for pancreatic cancer provides you with more than just a policy; the peace of mind you get from being properly insured is worth far more than the paper your policy is written on. With everything in order, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your holiday and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have everything covered.

Staysure not only provides travel insurance for pancreatic cancer, it also includes cover as standard for the loss of baggage or passports. Our tailor-made polices will also help you get everything covered so that you can go on holiday with complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive policies offer you a full range of cover for all eventualities. For example, you will get reimbursed if you have to cancel last minute due to illness or if your flight has been cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours. You’ll even be insured for accidental damage, burglary, floods or fire should you have trouble at home while you’re away.

Tips for travelling with pancreatic cancer

  • Check with your doctor or healthcare staff to ensure that your treatment plan is not put at risk by your chosen type of travel. If you have an extra low white blood cell count, you could be at greater risk of contracting viruses, so get clearance from your doctor first
  • Bring enough prescription medication with you to cover every potential problem and carry it in your hand luggage so that it is easily available should you need it
  • Find out what the medical facilities are like wherever you are travelling and be confident that they will be able to treat you for any medical emergencies you might experience
  • If you need a wheelchair at the airport or wherever you are travelling to, make sure you arrange this before you travel. A wheelchair will help immensely with fatigue
  • Make sure you have any medication licenses you may be required to have when you travel, e.g. strong painkillers – these can be applied for in advance from your hospice or doctor
  • Carry your travel insurance documents with you at all times just in case you need them
  • Bring your European Health Insurance card (EHIC) in addition to your Staysure insurance policy documents. In some EU countries, the EHIC card grants you state healthcare at a reduced cost or even for free. However, Staysure offers you many extras and gives you ease and peace of mind, should you need to make a claim.

Common questions about pancreatic cancer travel insurance

  • My cancer has spread to other parts of my body and I am undergoing chemotherapy. Will you still insure me for a week away?

    This is something we may consider covering. You will need to complete the screening process declaring the cancer, the spread to other parts of your body, the treatment you are receiving and any other medical conditions you may need to declare.

    The conditions will need to be accepted by the underwriters and any additional premium asked for would need to be paid.
    Your doctor would also need to declare you fit to travel.

  • I had surgery six months ago. Will you still cover me if I need treatment on holiday?

    Provided you have been declared fit to travel and have been fully discharged from the surgery, this is something that may be considered.

    You will need to go through the medical screening process, declaring the reason why you had the surgery, which can include a pancreatectomy, and any other medical conditions you may have. The medical screening will need to be accepted and any additional premium paid.

  • I have terminal pancreatic cancer. Will you cover me for my trip?

    Unfortunately we are unable to cover any terminal diagnosis at this time.
  • If I take out travel insurance with you, will my policy cover me for chemotherapy?

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer cover if you are travelling with the intention of receiving any medical treatment abroad.
  • How much does a travel insurance cover me for in terms of medical emergency with pancreatic cancer and does it include repatriation?

    The price depends upon which policy you take out. Medical emergency cover includes a provision for repatriation as well. If you have bought a Basic insurance, along with other benefits, your policy will cover you for up to £5,000,000 in medical emergency and repatriation costs.

    Comprehensive policies cover you for even more than a Basic policy and medical expenses and repatriation costs of up to £10,000,000.
    The pancreatic cancer would have to be declared along with any other medical conditions and accepted by our underwriter. Any additional premium will also need to be paid.

  • If I fall ill and need assistance and treatment while on my holiday, can you help?

    Yes, we will provide you with emergency assistance services, which provide you with technical support staff 24 hours a day. They will also make travel arrangements, including ambulances to the hospital and when you arrive back in the UK if necessary.

Pancreatic Cancer Travel Insurance

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