What does my bank’s free travel insurance cover?

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Guest Writer
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Lots of banks put on special offers for their customers, with free travel insurance being a particularly popular one. However while using your bank’s own travel insurance may have some advantages, policies really do differ between the financial institutions, with some only covering up to certain ages, others not offering much baggage covers and many failing when it comes to medical insurance. This is why people prefer the added security of taking out their own private travel insurance that ensures they have the exact right amount of cover they need.

Medical conditions and repatriation cover

The level of cover when it comes to medical conditions and repatriation really does vary between banks. Most banks provide emergency medical expenses and repatriation of £10 million, but generally this differs depending on which policy you opt for.

At Staysure, we consider cover for all pre-existing medical conditions on a case by case basis. All customers need to do is declare any pre-existing conditions they may have, and we will ensure that should anything flare up on holiday, they will not be left out of pocket.

The upper age limit varies

While Staysure offers various levels of cover up to and over the age of 80, banks will differ in who they will cover. HSBC, for example, only offers insurance for individuals between the ages of 16 and 79 for a single trip policy – What’s more, when it comes to annual multi-trip insurance, customers can be no older than 74 (there is no upper age limit on a Staysure single trip policy).

Travel insurance companies offer different levels of cover

When you go with a travel insurance company you can tailor your travel insurance exactly to your own specifications. Businesses that specialise in the travel industry are generally better able to get you the right amount of cover for your trip, with so many options on offer. For example, Staysure offers a number of different levels of cover.

Holidaymakers can opt for single trip travel insurance if they only want to cover one trip, and can choose from basic and comprehensive cover, depending on the expense and risk-factor of their holiday. Alternatively there is the option of annual multi-trip travel insurance, which can be a bargain for people who travel more than once a year. There is also long-stay travel insurance and winter sports travel insurance depending on where you are going, there is also a whole host of additional cover options on offer.