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Can I go on holiday in the UK?

Posted on June 17, 2021 by Jack Morris
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We’re all hopeful of getting away sooner rather than later, and a staycation within the UK looks to be a popular way to holiday this year.

With that in mind, we’re here to help and have put together what you need to know about going away in the UK below. Where can I go and who can I go with?

If you live in the UK you’re free to travel to, and stay overnight anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


All accommodation including hotels, hostels, holiday cottages, B&Bs, caravans and boats are open to holidaymakers.

Groups of six people from multiple households, or any number of people from two households can now stay together on holiday. This rule also applies to an overnight stay in a private home.

Read more about taking a holiday in England.


At the time of writing, mainland Scotland falls in Covid protection level one or two. This means that hotels, B&B’s, self-catering accommodation, caravans and campsites are open to holidaymakers.

Six people from three households can holiday together, but you can’t share a bedroom with anyone you don’t live with, or have a support bubble with.

Most Scottish islands are classed as level zero, which means eight people from four households can share accommodation. Travellers to Scottish islands are being asked to take PCR tests before they travel.

Read more advice about taking a holiday in Scotland.


Holidays within Wales in self-contained accommodation have been allowed since 27 March. All accommodation is open, but you can only share it with members of your household or extended household (when two households come together as one).

There may be restrictions in place in campsite and caravan communal areas so you may want to check before travelling.

You are unable to stay overnight in a private home unless the household is part of your extended household.

Read more advice about taking a holiday in Wales.

Northern Ireland

All holiday accommodation in Northern Ireland is now open, including communal areas on caravan sites and in hostels.

Up to six people from two households can take a holiday together.

Read more advice about taking a holiday in Northern Ireland.

Can I book a UK holiday?

Holiday providers are open for business, with many offering flexible bookings, in the hope of boosting travellers’ confidence. It’s important to always check the terms and conditions, though. You may find our tips for booking a trip in 2021 helpful.

Travel insurance for your UK staycation

If you’re planning a UK holiday or domestic UK cruise remember to take out UK travel insurance. Our policy offers generous cancellation cover when you pre-book paid accommodation for two nights or more.

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Jack Morris

by Jack Morris

Jack Morris is Staysure’s Junior Content Executive. He shares the latest travel news to keep you informed for your next holiday. Jack’s an avid fan of football, design, and continental Europe.