Travel insurance for Greece

If you’re off on a Greek getaway, there’s so much to look forward to: paradise islands, rugged scenery, crystalline waters and amazing cuisine, all bathed in glorious Mediterranean sunshine.

Greece’s many popular islands offer a variety of holiday types, meaning there is something to suit everyone. When planning a trip to Greece, holiday insurance may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is an important consideration.

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Cover for medical conditions

The Greek health system has a reciprocal agreement with the National Health Service, but not everything is covered under the agreement so, depending on the circumstance, you may have to make a patient contribution making travel insurance all the more important.

Medical facilities are reasonably good on the mainland; however, they may be more limited on the islands, normally lagging behind what is generally acceptable in the UK. Ambulance services are also basic can be scarce on some of the islands.

Staysure can provide specialist cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This means you can go on your travels with the peace of mind that you are adequately covered should you have a relapse or a related complication while you are away.

The UK Government website emphasises the importance of getting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to complement your travel insurance policy. This gives you access to state-provided emergency medical care at a reduced cost and sometimes for free. Your travel insurers will require you to have an EHIC when purchasing your policy.

Greece travel information


In a medical emergency in Greece, dial 166 for an ambulance. The emergency services number is 112.

The National Travel Health Network and Centre’s Travel Health Pro website recommends that travellers arrange an appointment with their health professional at least four to six weeks before travel to discuss any health risks including destination, medical history and planned activities. For those with pre-existing medical conditions, an earlier appointment is recommended.


Vaccinations are not officially required for travel from the UK to Greece. That said, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor whether there are any extra precautions you may need to make if you are travelling to Greece with a pre-existing medical condition.


British passport holders don’t need visas to enter Greece. You can stay in the country as a visitor for up to 3 months, after which time you will need to apply for a residence permit. Your passport will not need any additional period of validity beyond the dates of your planned stay in Greece.

Driving in Greece

Road travel requires more vigilance. Greece has roughly 2.5 times more road deaths than the UK average. The FCO advises you to ensure that your hire car is in decent condition and that it is properly insured before you go ahead.

Moped hire companies normally require a valid driving licence with category A1 for light motorcycles. Unlike in the UK, Category P is not acceptable in Greece.

FCO travel advice

Greece, particularly Athens, has not been without its strikes and violent demonstrations lately but these events have tended to be restricted to the capital, leaving the islands relatively peaceful and trouble-free. The UK Government FCO pages recommend that you:” follow local media and avoid large crowds and demonstrations”. Keep an eye on the UK Government’s travel advice pages prior to your trip and follow their latest safety recommendations.

As far as petty crime is concerned, this is not a big problem in Greece. However, beware of pickpockets in crowded public places and tourist resorts.


  • The official currency of Greece is the Euro
  • Exchanging currency well in advance of travel dates is recommended as exchange rates in airports and train stations can be poor
  • While credit and debit cards are widely accepted, carrying cash is recommended. Many of Greece’s smaller islands do not have ATMs or the ability to process card payments
  • Greek banks have limited hours: Monday-Thursday from 8am-2.30pm and Friday from 8am-2pm. Some branches are open extra hours in the evenings and on Saturday mornings.

Travel Insurance Greece

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*Price is correct at the time of publishing, based on one person aged 18-65 on a Basic policy travelling within 30 days of purchase, excluding medical conditions.