Postcards from a Solo Traveller

If life begins at the end of your comfort zone, it really gets going when you travel solo.

Whether you are searching for some winter sun or you desire a journey of self-discovery, solo travel is the perfect way to challenge yourself.

You will meet amazing people, you will become a better communicator, and you will learn to appreciate the wonderful, little pleasures in life - not just while you are travelling, but back at home as well, where you'll already be planning your next adventure.

Hollywood might portray solo travel as a rite of passage for teenagers and twenty-somethings, but it is increasingly being experienced later in life by older travellers.

A recent survey conducted by Staysure revealed that almost a third of over-50s had set off on solo trips in the last year, with around 75% saying they would love to do it again.

Many older travellers go solo because they are single or widowed, some like to visit far-away friends, but most do it for the sheer pleasure of doing whatever they want, whenever they want.

So, navigate below to read eight inspiring stories from solo travellers who are doing it their way.