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Brazil is a vast land of big adventures, panoramic views and an intoxicating mix of white sandy beaches, wildlife-rich rainforests, bustling towns, partying people and much more. Whether you are going exploring or simply lolling in a hammock, Brazil has it all.

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Cover for medical conditions

No matter what you plan to do in Brazil, it’s important to know you are adequately covered with travel insurance which includes any medical conditions you might have.

While foreign nationals are entitled to emergency care in Brazil’s public hospitals, they are often overcrowded, especially in major cities. Private hospitals are available however treatment will not be provided unless evidence of sufficient funds or adequate travel insurance documents can be presented, making a quality policy vital.

If you need emergency assistance during your trip, dial 192.

Brazil travel information


The Travel Health Pro website recommends that anyone travelling to Brazil arranges an appointment with their health professional four to six weeks before travel to discuss any health risks. For those with pre-existing medical conditions, an earlier appointment is recommended.

The website also alerts travellers to outbreaks of dengue and the Zika virus as well as malaria, all of which are transmitted by mosquitoes. Unfortunately there is no vaccine or preventative measures other than avoiding mosquito bites – take a look at our expert article for tips on avoiding mosquito bites.

Outbreaks of yellow fever, also transmitted via mosquito bite are also on the rise in Brazil, with the Travel Health Pro website recommending vaccination for traveller’s personal protection.


Further to the information above it is recommended that travellers are up to date with routine vaccinations as recommended in the UK.


A visa is not required for British nationals to enter Brazil but you will need to make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months from the date you enter the country.

Driving in Brazil

You will need an international driver’s licence to drive in Brazil for six months from your date of arrival, after which you must apply for a driver’s licence for foreigners at the local traffic authority, DETRAN.

Brazilian roads are of a poor standard, as is driving – pay particular attention to buses and trucks.

Brazil has zero tolerance for drinking and driving so if you are caught doing so, you will most probably be prosecuted. Penalties come in the form of fines, driving bans for 12 months or even imprisonment for up to three years.

In the event of an accident, you are legally obliged to move your car from the accident scene immediately if possible to avoid obstructing the traffic. Call the police for assistance on 190 if there are injuries, or go to the nearest police station to register the accident.

FCO travel advice

Brazilian cities can occasionally experience violent incidents and demonstrations so it’s important to be aware of the latest happenings. Make sure you consult the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) pages which provide all the latest official travel advice for your trip to Brazil.

Petty crime in the cities is common, particularly during festivities and Carnival time. Be careful on the public beaches in Rio where thieves are in action and never leave anything valuable in your car.

Bank and credit card fraud is also common and often involves card cloning from ATMs. Keep sight of your card at all times and do not use an ATM if you notice anything suspicious.


  • The official currency in Brazil is the Real (R$). It’s a good idea to arrive in Brazil with an initial float of local currency but Brazilian airports will also have an exchange desk and/or ATM machines
  • You can change foreign currency in shops with “Cambio” signs. The exchange rates for cash are generally better than those when using a credit card at ATMs
  • Bank opening hours are usually from 10am–4pm, Monday to Friday.

Travel Insurance Brazil

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