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Do I need travel insurance for Portugal?

With an exciting holiday to Portugal ahead of you, it’s really important to make sure you’re covered with top quality travel insurance.

Who knows what could happen while you’re away. While you’re planning on adventures and maybe a bit of sun or golf, what you’re not anticipating is something going wrong.

But it does happen more than you might think.

In fact, 1 in 20 people* had to claim on their annual travel insurance with us in 2017.

When something goes wrong on holiday, it’s good to know that you’re covered properly.

It makes a bad situation a little better knowing that you’re covered by the UK’s Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider**.

Travel insurance to Portugal when you have pre-existing medical conditions

We specialise in helping people with pre-existing conditions to be covered properly with travel insurance.

It’s really important that you cover any pre-existing conditions you have. Not covering your conditions will mean your policy won’t protect you properly when you need it the most.
Telling us about your conditions is hassle free. We never rush you and we treat any information you tell us about with dignity and respect.

To help you get the best cover for your needs, we’ll ask you to tell us about your medical history. We’ll ask if you’ve ever had any heart or circulatory conditions as well as any other conditions from the past two years. This includes any symptoms, appointments and investigations that you’ve had during the past two years.

There’s no invasive medical exam – just a simple questionnaire that you can fill out online or over the phone.

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What does our travel insurance cover?

Basic Comprehensive
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation up to £5m
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £500 with optional upgrade to £3,000
  • Baggage claims up to £300
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £250
  • Excess £85 – £100
  • Unlimited medical emergency and repatriation cover
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £5,000 up to £15,000
  • Baggage loss up to £2,500
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £500
  • Legal protection cover of up to £25,000
  • Excess £65

Do I need to take a European Health Insurance Card to Portugal?

When you’re going on holiday to Portugal, it’s really important that you take European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) for everybody who’s travelling.

It’s a condition of our insurance that you take your EHICs on holiday when you’re travelling to Europe.

Having an EHIC is really helpful as it allows you to get free or subsidised healthcare while you’re in Portugal. Where you’ve used your EHIC, we’ll even remove the excess from any medical claims.

Having an EHIC is great, but it’s worth remembering that it isn’t a substitute for having a good insurance policy.

It will only help you for medical expenses – it won’t help if you need transport back home after treatment, or if you’ve lost things like your luggage or personal belongings.

What if I want to make changes?

If after buying your policy you’re diagnosed with a new condition, or something changes, then it’s important that you tell us about it. We’ll update your policy where we can.

You may also decide after buying your policy, that you’d be better protected by upgrading from a Basic to a Comprehensive policy. Or that you’d like to add optional extras, such as our Golf travel insurance.

With us, you can upgrade at anytime as long as you haven’t travelled, made a claim on your policy or would be looking to make an immediate claim on an add-on. You won’t need to cancel your original policy and rebook. Call our Customer Services team and we’ll help get you covered.

Although we can upgrade your policy, we won’t be able to reduce it without cancelling your policy within our 14 day cooling off period. So it’s worth making sure that you’ve booked the right policy for your needs.

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*5.04% Annual Policy Holders claimed in 2017
**Awarded by Moneywise in 2017 and 2018