Travel insurance with high blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can affect many aspects of your life, which is why at Staysure we want to make it easy for you to obtain adequate high blood pressure holiday insurance.

We are specialists in travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. With approximately 30% of the British population living with high blood pressure, we make it our business to always consider travel insurance for people with high blood pressure – after all, with proper control, it should not act as a barrier to travelling wherever you wish to go. Get a quote online or call 0800 033 4902.

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Why do I need travel insurance for high blood pressure?

Travel insurance for high blood pressure will cover you fully for any unforeseen illness you may have on holiday. It also provides cover for your possessions should they be lost or stolen. Whilst losing your valuables or falling ill are not something we like to think about, having the right level of cover in place means you don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

It is important to declare your high blood pressure when requesting a quotation.

What is the difference between hypertension and high blood pressure?

There is no difference – hypertension is also referred to as high blood pressure. When elevated, blood pressure affects the arteries, bringing increased risk of associated problems such as aneurysms, heart failure, strokes, or heart attacks.

What will I be asked during the screening process?

If you have high blood pressure, you will need to declare it with our simple medical screening questionnaire when applying for travel insurance. Questions will include:

  • How many (if any) medicines your doctor advises you to take for the condition?
  • Has the dose been increased or have you been prescribed a new tablet in the last six months?
  • Have you been advised to take medication to lower your cholesterol?

Tips for travelling with high blood pressure

You will be aware of conditions which normally trigger your high blood pressure; however, it is worth putting certain measures in place to reduce the chances of any problems arising.

  • Travelling, particularly by air, can sometimes be stressful and time consuming. Queues can be long, security clearances strict and sometimes you will have to make connections or meet tight check-in deadlines. If your flight leaves early or you have a long journey to the airport, it could be a good idea to reduce tiredness and stress levels by staying at an airport hotel, near the terminal you need, the night before
  • Pack all the medication you will need in your hand luggage so that it is easily accessible during the flight. Remember to pack extra medicines to cover for any delays, loss or inability to get what you need at the chemist abroad
  • An aisle seat will allow you a bit more leg room to stretch during the journey, which will reduce potential swelling. If you don’t get an aisle seat, remember to flex your feet and toes to keep the blood circulating. Flight socks with appropriate compression can also help circulation
  • Move around on the aircraft as much as possible to reduce your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Take a look at our tips on helping to prevent DVTs
  • Bring your own food to eat on board as airlines tend to provide salty snacks which can increase blood pressure levels. Avoid alcohol and sedatives – they can make you sleepy or less active during the flight. Remember to drink plenty of water instead
  • Bring with you written information on your medication and dosages, along with phone numbers and information on who to contact in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Common questions about high blood pressure travel insurance

  • What happens if I have an emergency while on holiday?

    In an emergency, you or someone designated by you must contact Staysure Assistance on +44 207 902 7408. Our staff are on call 24 hours a day and you may reverse the call charges when calling us. They will help you arrange emergency treatment in local health centres.

    It is important to declare every pre-existing medical condition you may have. This ensures you have the proper cover in place should you need it.

  • Will you help if I lose my blood pressure medication while on holiday?

    Our Comprehensive policies assist you in replacing lost drugs or other essential medication you might need.
  • What happens if I end up in hospital and miss my booked flight home?

    As you have cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption included on your Staysure policy, your doctor will assess whether you are fit enough to fly, or need to stay in the country. Your policy will cover extra travelling costs and accommodation for you plus one travelling companion to accompany you home. In addition, we can arrange for a competent person to accompany any children back home.
  • Last month I was prescribed a new medication for my high blood pressure. Will this affect my premium?

    If there are any changes to your health or medication between the date you take out your policy and the date you start this trip, you must let us know. An additional premium may be required on your policy when compiling your medical declaration.
  • Can you fly with high blood pressure?

    Yes, is the simple answer, providing you are declared fit to travel by your doctor, your blood pressure is not affected by air travel so you are safe to travel by plane.
  • I have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Can I use it to get emergency treatment for high blood pressure related problems?

    The card will cover you for basic treatment only, so it’s recommended that you take out extra insurance just in case any unforeseen problems arise. Our Comprehensive policies include hospital allowances plus a medical officer on call 24 hours a day, who will help arrange emergency treatment with local doctors. On top of that, accommodation expenses and flights missed due to your hospital stay will also be covered, all subject to Staysure’s medical screening and approval from the underwriters.

High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

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