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Why use our high cholesterol travel insurance?

High cholesterol may not be your best companion when you are on holiday but it should not be a barrier to enjoying foreign travel, particularly as Staysure specialises in providing affordable travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

We consider all medical conditions on a case by case basis to help you find the right travel insurance. Whether you’re planning a short trip, several holidays in a year or even one extended stay away, we often have a policy to cover all eventualities and types of holidays.

If you have any questions regarding high cholesterol travel insurance, please call our travel insurance experts on 0800 033 4902 who will be happy to help. Alternatively, get an instant online quote.

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Why do I need travel insurance for high cholesterol?

It’s good to know you are protected for any unforeseen circumstances when travelling away from home – all the more so if you have high cholesterol as it could cause related illness, such as strokes, heart attacks or narrowing of the arteries. It is important therefore, to declare high cholesterol when you apply for a travel insurance quote.

Staysure offers inexpensive policies to cater for many pre-existing medical conditions and, after a simple screening process, which you can do online or by phone with one of our helpful travel insurance experts, we will ensure you have the cover you need for unexpected medical emergencies.

It is important to declare your high cholesterol when applying for a travel insurance quote. Let us help you ensure you are properly covered should the unexpected happen.

High cholesterol travel tips

  • Bring all your high cholesterol medication with you in your hand luggage and include more to allow for extra days due to delays
  • Bring with you a list of the medications and dosages you are taking in order to show medical staff should you need treatment while away
  • While you are away, eating in restaurants means hunting out healthy options on the menu, just like back home. Avoid fast food, alcohol and ice creams, in favour of water, fresh juice, fruits, grains and vegetables – but don’t forget to enjoy the local specialties, if only in moderation
  • Bring fibre supplements to help control your cholesterol levels if your diet is short of fibre when you are on holiday
  • Bring your own snacks as aircraft food and snacks in foreign countries can often be too salty or high in fats or sugars
  • Keep as active, both during the journey and upon arrival. Exercise is known to help reduce cholesterol levels, so don’t forget to be as active as possible even when you are on holiday
  • Take an aisle seat to allow you to flex your feet and toes and move around the aircraft as often as possible. Take a look at our tips on helping to reduce your chances of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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Common questions about high cholesterol travel insurance

  • I have high cholesterol, can you still offer me travel insurance?

    High cholesterol is among the most commonly declared medical conditions that we consider – simply fill in our on-screen questionnaire or call our travel insurance specialists.
  • Is it safe to travel with high cholesterol?

    With a little extra planning, the usual care about what you eat, a recent cholesterol test and clearance from your doctor that you are fit to travel, there is no reason why you should not travel with high cholesterol.
  • If I have more than one medical condition, can I still get travel insurance?

    We understand that high cholesterol can bring with it other complaints, such as high blood pressure or hypertension and you may also have had a previous heart attack or stroke.
    Our simple online screening process will offer you the best quote to cover all possible eventualities. There may be occasions when our underwriter may feel that your complaints are too high risk to offer full cover, but our simple online screening process will be able to determine this for you, so make sure you declare everything.
  • If I get ill before travelling, will I get compensation for lost flight and accommodation?

    Our policies offer cancellation cover if you are forced to cancel your holiday plans due to unforeseen illness or injury. You are also covered should a family member or travelling companion have an unforeseen illness which results in you needing to cancel your trip.

    In order to get this service, you will have to have answered all relevant medical questions to the best of your knowledge. The underwriter will have to have accepted cover and your additional premium will have to have been paid. You must also have been declared fit to travel by your doctor.

  • What happens if I experience medical problems while I am on my holiday?

    Should the worst happen and you need to seek emergency treatment while away, our 24-hour medical emergency helpline will offer you a friendly voice to help you find the right care in the nearest possible location to where you are staying.
  • My family is travelling with me, should they obtain separate travel insurance policies?

    If you are travelling with your family you should still declare them on your policy even if they do not have any any pre-existing medical conditions. This enables you all to be covered should you need to make a claim for cancellation on a comprehensive policy, or should any of you need medical treatment while away. If you are on separate policies, you may find claiming for such eventualities difficult.

High Cholesterol Travel Insurance

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