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Getting the right travel insurance for hip & knee replacements

After having had a hip or knee replacement, going on holiday may seem like a great chance to relax.

Having the right travel insurance in place can give you peace of mind, so you can go away with the reassurance that if the worst happens, you’ve got our support.

We like to do things the right way, helping people to tailor a policy that suits their individual needs. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we were voted the nation’s Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider for 2018.*

You can get a quote for your hip and knee replacements online today, or if you prefer, give a member of our helpful team a call on 0800 033 4902.

Does a joint replacement affect your travel insurance?

When going on holiday, it’s important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions, including hip and knee replacements.

Having a joint replacement is quite a common and fairly routine operation, so we don’t believe that it should stop you from getting the cover you need, but it is important that you declare it on your travel insurance.

So, if you’ve had a joint replacement and want peace of mind when off on your travels, having proper cover in place is the key to any happy holiday.

With the right travel insurance, travelling after a hip replacement or knee replacement can be that bit less of a worry. If anything goes wrong, you’ve got our support.

Find out more about how our travel insurance can protect you when travelling after a joint replacement.

When you’re ready, you can either get your quote online or call our friendly team on 0800 033 4902.

Why do I need travel insurance to cover a joint replacement?

Things go wrong on holiday more often than we’d like to think, with 1 in 20 people claiming on their travel insurance in 2017.**

Having proper cover in place for joint replacements can make sure that if the worst happens, you’ve got our support.

From a medical emergency to flight delays or lost luggage, it’s sensible you’re covered properly for your holiday. Just to be on the safe side.

Isn’t it worth doing right?

Our options for hip & knee replacements:

1) I had my hip/knee replacement over 2 years ago but have had follow-up appointments since then
Even though you had your surgery over 2 years ago, if you’ve had any follow-up appointments, you need to declare the underlying condition on your travel insurance.

2) I am awaiting a hip/knee replacement, can I still get cover?

If you are awaiting a joint replacement, we will be able to cover you for everything except cancellation or cutting your holiday short, as a result of your underlying condition.

If you are awaiting a joint replacement, you will need to declare the underlying condition the surgery is for – including wear and tear. We will then ask questions relating to the condition, where you’ll need to disclose that you are awaiting surgery for the condition.

For more information, please see our awaiting surgery page.

3) I have recently had my hip/knee replacement, but haven’t been signed off from my doctor yet for post-op checks
If you’ve had your surgery but haven’t been signed off yet, then we can still offer you cover but it wouldn’t include being flown home after having a medical emergency that was related to your underlying condition.

What does our travel insurance cover?

Basic Comprehensive
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation up to £5m
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £500 with optional upgrade to £3,000
  • Baggage claims up to £300
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £250
  • Excess £85 – £100
  • Unlimited medical emergency and repatriation cover
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £5,000 up to £15,000
  • Baggage loss up to £2,500
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £500
  • Legal protection cover of up to £25,000
  • Excess £65

How do I declare my joint replacement on my travel insurance?

To declare a pre-existing medical condition on your travel insurance, you’ll first need to complete our medical screening.

The medical screening is a set of straightforward multiple choice questions, designed for us to understand how your condition affects you.

It’s vital that the answers given to us are thorough and accurate about your medical history. Failure to disclose any details of your medical history will affect how protected you are by your policy, should you need to claim later down the line.

What questions will I be asked in the medical screening?

The questions we’ll ask you about your joint replacement will vary depending on your personal circumstances. But the kind of questions you can expect include:

  • Why was the joint replacement or resurfacing performed?
  • How many joint replacement or joint resurfacing operations have you had?
  • Does this condition require you to use any mobility aids?
  • Are you awaiting any joint replacement and/or resurfacing surgery?
  • Has your joint replacement ever dislocated?
  • Have you ever needed treatment for any neck or back problems?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions have you had for this condition in the last 12 months?
  • How many medicines do you take for this condition?

Can you travel after having a hip replacement?

It’s important that you speak to your doctor before travelling, to check when it’s safe for you to travel. Make sure you inform your doctor of any activities you’re planning on doing while you’re away, to get their go-ahead that it would be safe for you to participate.

If you’re planning on flying, it’s really important that you speak to your doctor about how to reduce your risk of DVT. Your risk of getting DVT is highest two to 10 days after surgery, but you will remain at a higher risk for about three months.***

Each airline has its own regulations as to when you are safe to fly with them, so it’s always best to check beforehand.

I use a mobility scooter. If I’m using it abroad and I have an accident, will I be insured?

You will be medically covered if you have an accident when using your mobility scooter if you have fully covered your pre-existing medical conditions.

But we can’t provide Personal Accident cover (if you become permanently disabled or lose a limb, sight or hearing) or Personal Liability (for injury to a third party or damage to property) if an accident occurs when using a mobility scooter.

Please note: we are not able to cover the mobility scooter itself if it is lost or damaged.

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* Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017 & 2018, based on the biggest survey of financial consumers in Britain.
** 5.04% of people claimed on their Annual Travel Insurance Policy in 2017.
*** NHS – When Can I Fly After Surgery?