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Getting the right travel insurance for atrial fibrillation

Are you looking for travel insurance when you have atrial fibrillation? With us, you’ll find it’s simple – and it could be less costly than you think.

We specialise in travel insurance for people with medical conditions of all kinds, and atrial fibrillation is no exception.

Our medical travel insurance can cover you for all your trips, whether you’re a sun-seeker or a snow fan, an ocean-cruiser or a culture connoisseur.

You can tailor your travel policy to the level of cover you want: for your health, property and activities.

We’ve been voted Britain’s Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider*, and we like to think it’s because our customers know from experience that we like to do things the right way.

Why not get your tailored quote to include your atrial fibrillation online here now, or talk to us free on 0800 033 4902.

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Why do I need travel insurance for atrial fibrillation?

Good travel insurance means practical value and peace of mind.

The cost of medical treatment can be eye-watering in many countries. It can also give rise to extra costs such as medical repatriation or having to book new flights.

Aside from medical matters, there are other risks you might consider: late flights, delayed luggage and loss of property such as passports or money.

Things go wrong on holiday more often than we might think. In 2017, 1 in 20 people claimed on their travel insurance**.

A tailored policy can cover you for unexpected moments and save you a great deal of expense and worry. We can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong on your holiday, but we can help cushion the blow if it does.

Isn’t it worth doing right?

What does our travel insurance cover?

Basic Comprehensive
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation up to £5m
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £500 with optional upgrade to £3,000
  • Baggage claims up to £300
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £250
  • Excess £85 – £100
  • Unlimited medical emergency and repatriation cover
  • Cancellation and cutting your holiday short covered from £5,000 up to £15,000
  • Baggage loss up to £2,500
  • Cash lost or stolen up to £500
  • Legal protection cover of up to £25,000
  • Excess £65

What is an EHIC and should I take it on my trip?

If you’re travelling to a country within the EU or Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, then it’s a condition of our insurance that you take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you do need to use your EHIC and you’ve bought your policy with us, then if you’ve still had to pay a subsidised fee for healthcare, we’ll remove the excess fee for medical emergency claims.

But while an EHIC is useful, the NHS advises that you get proper travel cover too. An EHIC is not a travel insurance policy. An EHIC entitles you to reduced-cost and sometimes free medical treatment when you use a state healthcare provider (like our NHS).

But that’s all.

It doesn’t cover your flight home if you miss it due to illness, and it doesn’t cover medical repatriation which can be extremely expensive. Nor does it cover all the other bits associated with travel insurance such as delays and lost belongings.

What’s in the medical screening?

So we can provide you cover for atrial fibrillation, you’ll need your GP to say you are fit to travel first. We can’t insure you without that, and you should always follow medical advice. Then, we’ll ask you to complete a medical screening.

You’ll be asked some simple questions about your atrial fibrillation and any other medical conditions you have. You can do this online, or over the phone if you prefer.

We need you to give us accurate and full answers in the screening. That’s because if you have a medical condition and it’s not disclosed to us, you won‘t be covered in the event that you need to make a claim.

We’re sticklers for detail, but that’s because we want the policy you get to actually work.

What questions will I be asked?

Obviously this depends on your medical circumstances, but questions you might be asked include:

• How has your condition been treated? (e.g. Ablation; Cardioversion; Internal defibrillator)
• How many unplanned hospital visits for your irregular heartbeat have you had in the last 12 months?
• Do you have any further investigation or treatment planned ?
• Since your treatment have you ever had any further heart rhythm problems?
• Are you on medication to thin the blood (excluding aspirin and clopidogrel)?
• Have you ever been told that the arteries in your heart are blocked or narrowed?
• Have you ever had angina and/or a heart attack?

The medical screening is thorough, but we think you’ll find it’s also quite straightforward. It might help if you have the details of your medical conditions to hand during the process.

You can get your quote online now, or you can call us 0800 033 4902. We’d love to hear from you.

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What will happen if I have a medical emergency while on holiday?

If you need emergency medical treatment, we’re on hand 24 hours a day to help you find the right place to go. We can even act as a translator between you and your doctor or medical team, and if you need to you can reverse the charges. You won’t be alone, we’re just a call away.

What if I have to make a claim for treatment for atrial fibrillation?

If you have history of atrial fibrillation and have declared it when you bought your policy with us, we’ll then cover you for your emergency medical treatment. If you don’t have a history of atrial fibrillation but were unlucky enough to get one on holiday, then so long as our underwriters have accepted you and you have fully declared any pre-existing conditions, you’ll be covered too.

Get a quote in just minutes and tailor your quote to you and your family’s medical and travel needs today.

Call us on 0800 033 4902 or get a quote online.

Get your travel insurance for atrial fibrillation today

Get a quote in just minutes and tailor your quote to you and your family’s medical and travel needs today.

Call us on 0800 033 4902 or get a quote online.

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* Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2017 & 2018, based on the biggest survey of financial consumers in Britain.
** 5.04% of people claimed on their Annual Travel Insurance Policy in 2017.