Hernia travel insurance

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can get a hernia as the condition affects people of all ages, shapes and sizes. In the UK, one in four men and three in every 100 women will have an inguinal hernia during their lifetime, so you are not alone.

Of course, having a hernia is not great news if you are planning a holiday but, depending on the severity of the condition, you may still be able to travel, especially if you are recovering from a hernia operation.

As there are many different kinds of hernias and they affect people in different ways, we need to assess you first before we can provide hernia travel insuance. Get a quote online with our simple medical screening process or contact our friendly travel insurance team on 0800 033 4902.

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Why do I need Hernia travel insurance?

If you’ve recently had surgery to correct a hernia, there is a chance it may re-occur, so it’s a good idea to have medical travel insurance just in case. Of course, your doctor has to declare you fit to travel first.

Our Comprehensive policies will cover you for new flights home and accommodation should the unexpected happen and you end up in hospital. We will also pay for your travelling companion or partner to fly home with you, as well as providing a competent person to accompany any children home.

In addition, if you have a Comprehensive policy and have to cancel your holiday due to a problem related to your hernia, you will be insured against these costs. It’s also worth noting that all our policies cover you for loss of luggage and passports.

Can you fly with a hernia?

Yes, as long as your doctor has declared you fit to do so. Travelling immediately after hernia surgery may be deemed safe as long as extra precautions are taken such as not lifting heavy suitcases and undertaking strenuous activity. There is an increased risk of swelling, and thus strangulation, if you travel with a protruding hernia, again your doctor will advise accordingly.

Tips for travelling with a hernia or post-operation

  • Discuss your travel plans with your doctor before booking a holiday, as they will be able to assess if you are fit enough to go away
  • Try and avoid remote destinations that are far from medical facilities. You never know when you might have a medical emergency
  • Take into consideration the health care system of the country you are visiting
  • Keep a list of all your medication, generic names and doses handy. If you lose any you can replace it quickly with this information to hand
  • Avoid packing a heavy suitcase, strenuous physical activity and anything that involves lifting, where possible
  • If you are planning to explore a foreign city, book a bus tour so that you won’t need to walk too much. Plus if you get tired, you can just stay on the bus
  • Book accommodation close to amenities so you aren’t on your feet all day
  • Make sure you have enough medication for your holiday, plus a little extra just in case you lose some or are delayed
  • Likewise, write the names of any medication down and keep the list in your wallet or purse. If you lose them, you’ll be able to replace them more quickly
  • The National Health Service (NHS) advises all travellers to cover their holidays adequately with a private travel insurance policy, using their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as additional cover only.

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Common questions about hernia travel insurance

  • I had a hernia operation six weeks ago and I feel much better now. Will you still cover me with travel insurance?

    Yes we would consider covering you. You would have to declare the hernia operation through our simple medical screening process and it would need to be accepted by the underwriter. But provided you have answered all our medical questions and we’ve been notified of any medical conditions, we can provide you with cover. Although there may be an additional premium and your doctor will have to declare you fit to travel.
  • I’m currently waiting for a hernia operation. Will you cover me for a weekend away before then?

    If your doctor given you a clean bill of health to travel we could then offer you cover, provided all medical questions are answered and all of your medical conditions are declared. Furthermore, the medical screening would have to be accepted by the underwriter and an additional premium paid.
  • What do I do if I lose my antacids medication for my hiatus hernia while on holiday?

    The main thing is not to panic. If you’ve got our Comprehensive policy we can help you replace any lost or stolen medication that you need.

Hernia Travel Insurance

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