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Inspiring Stories: Going on a Cruise

Posted on January 25, 2019 by Gretta Schifano
group of seniors on cruise boat

Cruise holidays have become increasingly popular. An estimated 30 million travellers are expected to cruise in 2019, up from 28 million in 2018.*

There’s an astonishing range of cruise options on offer these days, with features, itineraries and menus to suit every kind of traveller. There are many bloggers who write about their cruise experiences. Here are just some of the most interesting and inspirational we’ve found on our travels.

From Nuremberg to Budapest

John Roberts – In the Loop Travel

John Roberts enjoys writing about adventures and fitness on his blog In the Loop Travel. He’s a big fan of cruising, and says: “I love the voyages for the food, beer and onboard entertainment, but I also seek to break away from the masses and find fun through little-explored active independent adventures, connecting with residents in the destinations I visit.”

In his blog post, My Danube River Biking Cruise with Trek Travel and Scenic, John shares his experience of a luxury cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest. Each day the ship stopped at a new location and he headed off for a group bike ride, usually covering around 30 miles on each excursion.

Travelling without the Need to Fly

Sherry Laskin – Cruise Maven

Sherry Laskin says that she’s been “a committed non-flier” since 1995. Since then she’s been exploring the world, mostly travelling by ship or by train. On her blog Cruise Maven, Sherry shares her adventures and encourages her readers to experience the joys of travelling without needing to fly.

Sherry’s post Welcome Aboard My 14-Day Holland America Koningsdam Transatlantic Crossing is about a cruise from Fort Lauderdale in the US to Rome in Italy. Sherry says that she visualises this journey as like “a cork bobbing around in a triple-sized Olympic swimming pool.”

Bringing People Together Through Cruising

Jules and Christine – Don’t Forget to Move

Jules and Christine are long-term travellers and enjoy volunteering for non-profit organisations around the world.

The couple share their adventures on their blog Don’t Forget To Move. They went on a social impact cruise to the Dominican Republic, where they took part in a variety of local volunteering projects.

They wrote about the cruise in their post The Truth behind Fathom Cruises Social Impact Travel. They say that the cruise was about “connecting people around the world, remembering that despite our vast difference in lifestyles we’re all brothers and sisters on this planet.”

Cruising as a Vegan

Sanna – Vegan Cruiser

Sanna adores cruising the world, and she started her blog Vegan Cruiser in order to share her passion. Sanna says that she aims to show that “cruising is for all – definitely NOT just for old people.” As a vegan, she’s also keen to show how accommodating cruise ships are of dietary needs.

On her blog post DIY cruise ship excursion: Eco Green Tours Florence, Sanna shares what she says is ‘the best way to see Florence on a cruise ship excursion day.’

Cruising as a Crew Member and Passenger

Anna – The Cruise Blogger

Anna is a former cruise ship crew member and is married to a cruise ship deputy captain, travelling with him full-time.

Having been on more than 100 cruises, she’s an experienced crew member and passenger and blogs about the places that she visits around the world, on her website The Cruise Blogger.

If you’d like to go on a cruise where you can spot some wildlife, check out Anna’s helpful post Top cruise destinations for wildlife experiences.


Gretta Schifano

by Gretta Schifano

Gretta Schifano is an award-winning travel blogger and journalist. Gretta writes about luxury, cultural and active family travel with teenagers, and 50+ travel, on her blog Mums do travel. She travels regularly to Europe, the USA and beyond and lives with her husband and kids in the Surrey countryside, near to London. Gretta previously worked as a BBC radio producer, has lived and worked in Italy and Spain and loves chocolate, kindness and exploring new places.