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Getting covered properly with golf travel insurance

When going on a golf holiday, you want to feel stress-free, relaxed and eager to play your favourite sport. The first step in the right direction is covering yourself with the right golf travel insurance policy.

With £5,000 of cover for personal golf equipment including shoes, bags and non-motorised trolleys as well as £300 hole in one cover, you’ll be properly covered.

We see it that having proper travel insurance in place is the key to any happy holiday, and a golfing holiday is no exception. Golf travel insurance  can give you that peace of mind, so you can go away knowing that if the worst happens when you’re playing golf, you have our support.

Our travel insurance specialists are more than happy to answer any of your questions on 0800 033 4902. Alternatively, you can get a quote online in minutes.

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Hole in one insurance and green fees cover

Tradition holds that any golfer who cards a hole in one should buy a round of drinks for his playing party in the clubhouse, and while this is great news for your handicap it may not be so friendly to your bank account!

With our add-on golf policy you get hole in one insurance which can pay you up to £300 to cover the celebratory clubhouse drinks and ensures that your finest golfing achievements aren’t marred by a costly round.

If you pay in advance for non-refundable green fees or tuition and aren’t able to play due to document loss, accidental injury, illness or if the course is closed due to poor weather, our golf insurance can cover your loss up to £1500.

Tips for travelling with golf equipment

Golfing holidays offer up a few challenges when it comes to travel logistics – perhaps the most difficult is getting your golf clubs to the course in a simple and secure way.

Here are a few tips for travelling with golf clubs and ensuring they make it to your destination in top condition.

  • Get a well-made hard shell travel bag – these provide the best protection for your clubs if they’re mishandled in transit. If you use a soft shell bag, buy a club protection device.
  • Get a direct flight – fewer flights mean your golf clubs spend the minimum amount of time being moved about and handled.
  • Label your bag clearly – use whatever means are necessary to ensure that your details, including contact information, are highly visible on your bag should it be misplaced.
  • Wrap your club heads during travel – no matter what you do your clubs will move around while in transit. To minimise this movement and prevent damage, wrap your club heads in a soft material, such as a jumper, before packing them
  • Don’t pack anything else in your bag – aside from wrapping the club heads, do not pack any other loose items in your bag, they will rattle about and potentially damage your clubs.

Golf Travel Insurance

If you’ve picked a destination, then a quality Travel Insurance policy with additional golf cover should be going in your bag alongside your prized putter.

To speak to a member of the Staysure team about golf travel insurance please call us free on 0800 033 4902 or get a quote online.

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