Why use our Crohn's travel insurance?

According to NHS Choices, there are around 115,000 people in the UK with Crohn’s disease. If you are among them, you’ll be glad to know that Staysure are market leaders in providing travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, up to age 85. So with our travel insurance in place, you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that you are properly covered by your travel insurance.

As award-winning specialists in travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, we know what our customers want and have made it quick and easy to complete our medical screening process. In a matter of minutes we can often come up with a quote to include your condition.

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Why do I need travel insurance for Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease travel insurance provides access to invaluable cover should the unexpected happen when you are on holiday. Our 24-hour emergency medical assistance service means you will never be alone if you need to make arrangements to get yourself treated and back home to the UK safely, and with a minimum of hassle. This is particularly useful if you have no local knowledge and cannot speak the language of the country you are visiting.

Many people are tempted to skip travel insurance altogether, believing that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will save them the cost. While this is probably true if you are visiting EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein only, this free card limits you to the same emergency cover as ordinary citizens get in the country you are visiting – that is where the cover ends.

Staysure policies are not limited to medical treatment alone. They also include cover as standard for repatriation, lost baggage and on our Comprehensive policies you get cover for cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption in addition. What’s more, you can choose from a full range of extras to tailor your policy and suit all your travel needs – simply add them on to your Comprehensive policy when getting your quote.

In addition to the standard cover for repatriation, personal belongings and emergency dental care, our policies are flexible enough to insure you for much more, depending on you and the holiday you are taking. Simply add the optional cover to your policy.

Make sure you include the names of all your travel companions on your policy, so that if you need to make a claim relating to your Crohn’s disease, you will all be on the same policy, subject to the approval of our underwriters.

Tips for travelling with Crohn’s disease

  • Don’t forget to take your prescription medicines and bring extra to cover for delays
  • Keep your Crohn’s medication safe and ready to use in your hand luggage
  • Keep a written record of your medicines and dosages so that they can be replaced more easily if they go astray
  • Bring a signed document from your doctor to confirm your condition. This should make any emergency treatment easier when you are away
  • Check whether you need vaccinations for the country you are visiting. Some vaccines do not react well with steroids, so check with your doctor before you take anything.

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Common questions about Crohn’s disease travel insurance

  • It is important that I keep taking my medication – am I covered if they get lost while I am away?

    If you have purchased a Comprehensive policy, it provides assistance in replacing any lost or stolen prescription drugs you may need – this is included under the Personal Assistance Services part of your policy.
  • Do I need to declare my Crohn’s disease when taking out holiday insurance, even in the UK?

    No matter where you are travelling to, it is important to declare your Crohn’s disease, along with any other pre-existing medical conditions you may have.
  • I am in remission but if my Crohn’s symptoms reappear, will you offer me treatment in any country?

    Provided you declared your Crohn’s disease when you took out your policy and your treatment is considered to be emergency treatment, then yes, your policy will cover you. At the time of taking out your policy you will of course have to have had clearance to travel from your doctor and have completed any follow-up treatment, tests or surgery.
  • If I feel too ill to carry on with my holiday, will you fly me home?

    Possibly yes, but this is considered on a case by case basis. You would have to have declared Crohn’s disease as well as any other pre-existing medical conditions when you took out your policy. A doctor would have to declare you as medically unfit to carry on with your holiday. You would then have to fly home and seek treatment in the UK. Alternatively, if you are too ill to travel, you would get emergency treatment in your holiday destination instead.

Crohn's Travel Insurance

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