Does travel insurance cover children against COVID-19?

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Vikki Measures
Kids holding hands jumping into outdoor swimming pool during family summer holiday

Holiday season in the UK has started, with millions of families ready to escape abroad after two years of COVID-related travel restrictions.

To help your family travel with confidence, all new travel insurance policies with us include COVID-19 cover, as long as you’re up to date with your recommended vaccinations. 

Read on to find out more about how coronavirus travel insurance covers children and families.

Does my child need to be vaccinated to travel?

This will depend on the age of the child and where you’re travelling to, as entry requirements for each country vary. You can check the latest foreign travel advice on the FCDO website

Which countries can I travel to with unvaccinated children?

There are plenty of countries that allow unvaccinated children to visit as tourists, although a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test may be required. Popular European destinations currently allowing unvaccinated children include Croatia, France, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

Guidance can change at little notice, so always check the latest advice on the FCDO website before travelling.

Is my child covered for COVID-19 related claims?

The same levels of cover apply to both adults and children with our travel insurance policies.

Each named person over five years old must have had all vaccinations offered to them to be covered for COVID-19 related claims. This includes any booster vaccinations.

Your child can also be covered if they can’t have the vaccine due to a medical exemption.

Find out more about coronavirus travel insurance and what we cover.

Is my child covered for COVID-19 related claims when they have only had one vaccine?

Any child must have received all COVID-19 vaccines recommended to them. This may be one jab or two, depending on their age.

Both children and adults may also be covered for COVID-related claims if they are medically exempt from taking the vaccine.

Family travelling together wearing COVID-19 masks

If my child gets COVID-19 before they travel, are we able to make a claim?

If you are unable to travel due to COVID-19, you will need to speak to your travel provider first as they may be able to change the dates of your trip.

If you can rearrange your holiday, you’ll need to update your travel insurance policy with the new travel dates. Log in to your My Staysure account to do this yourself online, or contact us.

If you have had a positive test result within 14 days of travel and you are not able to rearrange your trip, you may be able to make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

What if my child can’t have the COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical exemption?

Your child can also be covered if they can’t have the vaccine due to a medical exemption. Any claim relating to COVID-19 will be reviewed on an individual basis.

What if my child or I refuse to be vaccinated?

If you have refused any doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or any booster jab that has been recommended to you, you won’t be covered for COVID related claims. This applies to both adults and children over the age of five. 

Tips for travelling abroad with children

Check out these top tips for travelling with children to find out how to make it as smooth as possible for your family:

  • Wait times at airports can be longer than usual, so leave plenty of time and be prepared.
  • Pack plenty of distractions such as toys and snacks to stop kids getting bored.  
  • Double check your passport has at least six months’ validity left before it expires.
  • If you’re travelling within the EU, you can apply for the new GHIC card if your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has expired. 
  • Don’t forget your face masks, wipes and hand sanitiser. Face masks are often still a requirement in some airports and on flights.
  • Take out travel insurance that includes COVID-19 cover so that you are protected if anything goes wrong.
  • Check the entry requirements for your destination on the FCDO website.


by Vikki Measures

Vikki Measures is Staysure's Senior Content Executive. She is a passionate travel writer and loves exploring new destinations, experiencing the local cuisine, and sharing top travel tips.