Travel insurance for fibromyalgia

As an award-winning holiday insurance specialist, Staysure is used to covering pre-existing medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Severe aches and pains, along with extreme fatigue are common symptoms of fibromyalgia so a holiday becomes all the more important if you recognise the need to unwind and relax as often as possible.

A break in the warm sunshine or to a quiet retreat can often be the best treatment you can get for fibromyalgia. The good news is, Staysure specialises in travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions and considers all ailments through a simple medical screening process. Get a quote online or by calling our friendly team of travel insurance specialists on 0800 033 4902.

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Why do I need travel insurance for fibromyalgia?

If you experience regular muscle pain, travel insurance means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that any accident or related condition will be covered should you need hospital treatment while you are far from home.

Many people are under the false impression that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient to cover them should they need emergency cover abroad. Although this could be true if you are visiting other EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the rest of the world is not covered, and neither is repatriation, loss, theft or any of the other options and add-ons you may choose to include on your personalised Staysure travel insurance policy. For example, cancellation and curtailment cover insures you for additional expenses such as extra accommodation for a travel companion plus hospital allowances should you have to stay in a foreign hospital and miss your originally booked flights back home. Equally, if you are deemed unfit to travel and have purchased a Comprehensive policy, you will be covered.

Accidents do happen so it’s good to know that Staysure will arrange for you to be transported to the nearest hospital if anything goes wrong. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service helps you make all the necessary medical arrangements, liaising with medical service providers, even in a foreign language, and taking away some of the stress of making arrangements in a county where you have little or no local knowledge.

Tips for travelling with fibromyalgia

  • Try to relax and not get stressed as this increases tiredness and aggravates aching muscles. Focussing on listening to music, reading or watching a film are just a few ways to reduce stress levels while you are on the go.
  • Dress for optimum comfort by avoiding tight clothes even if you want to look glamorous while travelling. The discomfort will not be worth the glamour, so wear soft options without buttons and zips, and flat, sporty shoes.
  • Make sure you don’t get cold while travelling as shivering increases the pain of fibromyalgia. A lightweight blanket and soft socks are well worth packing in your hand luggage.
  • Pack light by matching your clothes well and not bringing an excess of items to carry. If you are flying, check in as much baggage as possible, so you don’t have to carry too much onto the plane.
  • Rest as much as possible to avoid unnecessary fibromyalgia fatigue. Consider bringing a travel pillow to help you rest or cat nap during your journey so that you arrive at your destination as refreshed as possible.
  • Keep reasonably active as this will help you keep aches and pains at bay. If you practise yoga, do some regularly during your holiday to ease stress and any fatigue you might be feeling. If you are travelling by car, stop every couple of hours to stretch stiff muscles and joints.
  • Ask for an aisle seat on planes and trains, enabling you to get up or stretch more easily to avoid getting stiff.
  • If you are feeling tired, don’t be persuaded to do more than your body tells you. Listen to your body and respect its need for rest should you feel too tired to continue.
  • Eat protein rich foods to keep your energy levels up during the day.
  • The National Health Service (NHS) advises all travellers to cover their holidays adequately with a private travel insurance policy, using their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as additional cover only. To apply for an EHIC card call 0300 330 1350.

Fibromyalgia Travel Insurance

Get your fibromyalgia travel insurance quote by applying online, or by calling one of our travel insurance specialists on 0800 033 4902.


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