Why use our Parkinson's travel insurance?

Parkinson’s is a condition where part of the brain becomes damaged over time, resulting in the well-known symptoms of involuntary shaking – or tremors. Other symptoms include muscle stiffness, slow movement (bradykinesia), depression, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) and day time sleepiness.

In the UK, the condition affects around 127,000 people, or 1 in every 500. The average age for Parkinson’s to start is 60 and men are one and a half times more likely to get the disease than women. At present there is no cure, but there are treatments available to help manage symptoms.

The good news is that having Parkinson’s should not stop you from travelling and enjoying your holiday. As long as your doctor has declared you fit enough to travel, we are happy to consider you for medical travel insurance. Simply complete our medical screening process online or call our travel insurance specialists on 0800 033 4902.

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Why do I need Parkinson’s travel insurance?

In a nutshell, it’s important to have travel insurance with any pre-existing medical condition as you could have health problems while you are away. Having adequate medical travel insurance you can rely on will give you peace of mind, especially considering we are the leading over 50s medical travel insurance specialists – and an award winning company too.

Our policies include cancellation cover, extra flights and accommodation for both you and your travel companion, children or grandchildren if you have a medical emergency related to Parkinson’s disease.

You’ll also be reassured to know that we can replace any lost or stolen medication that you need for Parkinson’s disease while away.

Tips for travelling with Parkinson’s disease

  • If you have any health concerns, talk them through with your doctor before you book a trip
  • Try to travel with a friend or family member to help you if you come into any difficulties
  • Carry written proof that you have Parkinson’s disease
  • When booking a hotel, ask for a room on the ground floor or near an elevator
  • If travelling by air, phone the airport in advance and ask for help getting around the airport
  • When booking a flight, ask for an aisle seat
  • Take enough medication for the entire trip, plus a little more just in case you lose some
  • Make a note of all the medication you are taking plus the doses and keep it somewhere safe like a wallet or purse. That way if you lose any, you can get it replaced quickly
  • Consider booking through a travel agent as they can recommend accommodation in a destination that is suitable for people with Parkinson’s i.e. in a central location, on the ground floor/close to a lift and near all amenities
  • If exploring a new destination, consider getting on a tourist bus to save you from walking long distances. That way, if you get tired you can stay on the bus
  • Do a bit of research to find out if there is a local support group for people with Parkinson’s where you are going. For more information visit the charity Parkinson’s UK
  • If you are travelling to Europe it’s a requirement with Staysure that you get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This gives you free or reduced cost medical treatment – but, among other things, it doesn’t cover the cost of being flown back to the UK. Apply online here or call 0300 3301350.

Parkinson's Travel Insurance

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