Cruise travel insurance

While it’s exciting to think about the beaches, restaurants, shore excursions, shopping and everything else that makes a cruise great, it’s vital that a few minutes are spared to think about protecting yourself and your holiday with a quality travel insurance policy.

Staysure is often able to provide you with a policy to meet your needs. To discuss what options are available to you why not call our insurance specialists free on 0800 033 4902 or get a quote online in minutes.

Do you need cruise travel insurance?

Many cruise operators and agents require you to have cover in place before they will allow you to board making a quality cruise travel insurance policy the first step to smooth sailing on your holiday.

Trip interruptions, cancellations, delayed or lost baggage, emergency medical treatment and missing your departure can all require you to dig deep into your pocket if you’re uninsured. The good news is that these are usually covered with a quality cruise travel insurance policy, making it an essential peace of mind purchase to ensure you fully enjoy your travels.

As cruises are often booked well in advance, you can arrange your cruise travel insurance with Staysure up to 13 months before your departure date on all single trip policies – we want to make sure that you enjoy your holiday, with the knowledge that your insurance is all taken care of.

For some, cruises are a chance to relax while soaking up the sun or catching up on a novel; for others, they offer unique opportunities to participate in new sports and activities. If you are the latter you’ll be pleased to know that cruise travel insurance with Staysure covers you for a multitude of sports and activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, safaris, fishing, water-skiing and much more.

If you’re thinking of cruising around Alaska, Canada, the Baltic Sea or the Arctic Circle, the optional Winter Sports cover may be a worthwhile investment if a spot of skiing is on the cards.

Getting the right cover for your cruise

If you have an existing medical condition then a quality cruise travel insurance policy that covers your condition is vital. Medical treatment abroad can be expensive and when it comes to cruises, this cost can increase significantly if an emergency docking or a helicopter evacuation is required to get you to a hospital.

Basic Travel Insurance covers medical emergencies and repatriation up to £5m and includes cover for cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption up to £500.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance includes cover for medical emergency and repatriation of up to £10m as well as cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption up to £5,000.

Staysure will consider all medical conditions and offers a simple online screening process.

Common questions about travel insurance for cruises

  • Will I need cruise travel insurance for a ferry crossing?

    No – a cruise for insurance purposes is regarded as a ‘trip on ocean or river cruise-ships/boats’.
  • Does my EHIC card cover me for emergency medical care?

    The EHIC gives you access to free or reduced cost emergency medical care in the European Economic Area. However, only a certain level of care is offered and it doesn’t provide any cover for events such as cancellations or emergency repatriation.
  • When should travel insurance be purchased?

    Travel insurance should ideally purchased as soon as you book your holiday to help ensure you are covered for cancellations. Single Trip policies from Staysure can be up to 13 months in advance, perfect for expensive cruise holidays. Annual Multi-Trip insurance can be purchased up to 90 days in advance.

Cruise Travel Insurance

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