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Pre-existing medical conditions – what you need to declare

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Kelly Edwards
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One of the biggest benefits of having a quality travel insurance policy is that it provides a secure safety net so that, should you fall ill while away, you will be well looked after and not left with any added financial strain. This means that you want to make sure you have exactly the right amount of cover, and don’t accidentally void your policy by failing to declare a condition on your Medical Health Declaration.

Should I see a doctor before I travel?

Seeing your GP or specialist doctor ahead of your trip is a must as they must declare you fit to travel before apply for travel insurance. You will need to complete a simple medical screening process which you can do over the phone or online if you prefer. Provided all medical questions are answered and any pre-existing medical conditions are declared, our underwriters agree to cover you and, if required, any additional premium is paid, you will be covered.

Insurance will not cover you if you travel against the advice of a medical practitioner, nor will the insurance stand if it is deemed you would be travelling against doctors’ orders had you actively sought advice – even if you didn’t.

This means that a visit to the doctor who advises you to postpone your trip could actually save you a lot of trouble down the line.

What happens if I have an undiagnosed illness?

If you fall ill on holiday and it emerged that you had a medical condition that you were unaware of prior to the trip, and had not visited a doctor about it, you would be covered because it is an undiagnosed condition. You cannot be held liable for something you were unaware of.

What if I’m awaiting surgery or test results?

Unlike many other insurers Staysure can provide travel insurance to cover a range of pending treatments, surgeries and undiagnosed symptoms; the full list and further information is available here.

Can I opt out of cover for certain conditions?

While some people may decide to lower their insurance premiums by opting out of cover for certain conditions, this short-term saving may not be worth it. Choosing not to be insured for a certain illness not only means that you may not be cover if you require medical attention for a related condition. For example, if you decided to omit high blood pressure from being covered on a travel insurance policy and were unfortunate enough to have a heart condition, you may not be covered if the heart condition can be linked to high blood pressure.

Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

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