Rev up for the British Grand Prix (Friday 14 – Sunday 16 July 2017)

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Guest Writer
F1 challenge at Silverstone

Do you remember last year’s coincidence when it came to two of the UK’s greatest sports wins…?

Still scratching your head? To put you out of your misery: Lewis Hamilton’s third triumph at Silverstone’s Grand Prix took place on exactly the same afternoon as Andy Murray second Wimbledon title.

The coincidence is becoming a bit of a habit as the Grand Prix and the Wimbledon Finals yet again fall on the same day this year. So will you be watching Murray winning for the third time or Hamilton making history for the fourth?

Whatever you do, don’t miss the magic of Silverstone’s Grand Prix this year. You can follow it on live stream;  on Channel 4 and Sky Sports; or on BBC Radio 5. Better still, you might be one of the lucky ones with a ticket to be at Silverstone itself, for a first-hand piece of the action.

The Silverstone sensation

Very few sporting events match the glamour, drama and rivalry of the British Grand Prix but wherever you are in the world, the electric atmosphere at any of the world’s F1 Race destinations promises to be unique and thrilling.

Silverstone is particularly special as it has long been the proud host of the British Grand Prix, the longest standing race on the Formula 1 calendar. Originally built as a World War II airfield, it has regularly hosted the race since 1950, and has done so continuously each year since 1987. Following major revisions in 1991, Silverstone secured its position as one of the fastest, most challenging Formula 1 tracks in the world. It’s famed for testing even the world’s greatest drivers to the absolute limit.

With its ‘Arena’ style circuit and pit complex between Club and Abbey Corners, Silverstone is a super-fast circuit accommodating average speeds of around 145 mph (for Formula 1 cars); that’s amongst the highest average speeds on the F1 calendar.

Silverstone is amongst the best-attended Grand Prix events worldwide, last year it was attended by 139,000 fans, although its success could also be down to the fact that British hero, Lewis Hamilton, keeps on winning…Hamilton has taken top spot since 2014.

However, the future of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is under threat due to spiralling costs being imposed by F1. The British Racing Driver’s Club who own the course have the option to break from their current deal, which runs out in 2027. The circuit’s Executive Director has intimated that this is highly probable which would mean that Silverstone could stop hosting Formula 1 races in two years’ time. In response, Lewis Hamilton commented that the British Grand Prix must always have a place on the F1 calendar, labelling Silverstone as “the most important race of the year”

More than racing – suggest dropping the below

Spectators are treated to a host of other entertainment too, which includes the ever-popular post race party, air displays and the Formula 1 trade hall.

Finally, if you’re a foodie, don’t worry: you won’t go without delectable treats to keep you refuelled at Silverstone. There’s a wide selection of culinary delights on offer, even if you’re a vegetarian or need a gluten-free diet. Choose between curries, burritos, burgers, salads and lots more while special offers on coca-cola, lucozade and Jagermeister Root56 will keep you refreshed. Make sure you get your hands on one of the free food maps handed out across the main gates.

But one thing is for certain it will be a thrilling race and definitely worth watching to see if Hamilton can win it for a record fourth time!