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Inspiring Stories: Travelling with Medical Conditions

Posted on November 5, 2018 by Gretta Schifano
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If you have a medical condition, it can affect all aspects of your life including how you travel.

But that doesn’t put people off – and nor should it. There are many inspirational people who travel with conditions who share their travel experiences online.

I’ve rounded up just five of them to feature here. Each of them face a unique set of challenges when it comes to travelling, and it’s truly inspiring to read about their experiences.

Have a read of their unique travel adventures…

Cycling through the US as a Paralympian

Anne Usher – Views from the back

Anne is currently pedaling a tandem from Canada to Cambodia with her husband, Simon.

Anne is a Paralympic gold medal-winning ex-GB paracanoeist.

Anne says: “I hope my story has something in it to inspire you. Ordinary people dreaming of and doing extraordinary things. All you need is to want ‘it’ (a lot), surround yourself by positive and talented people and then anything is possible.”

Anne’s blog post: Facing your fears – Part 1, describes her concerns about cycling through and camping in the US wilderness on the first stage of their tandem adventure.

Diabetic adventures in the Amazon

Cazzy Magennis and Bradley Williams – Dream Big Travel Far

Cazzy and Bradley are friends who travel the world together.

Cazzy has type 1 diabetes, and says on her blog: “I want to show you how I manage my diabetes and travelling to hopefully give you the tools to do it too… having diabetes might mean a little more preparation, but it doesn’t stop us from taking on the adventures non-diabetics can do.”

After a trip to Brazil, Cazzy wrote Surviving the Amazon rainforest with Type 1 diabetes to show how she managed to stay well there, despite the heat and a limited food supply.

Solo Backpacking

Ed Rex – Rexy Adventures

Ed is profoundly deaf, has a cochlear implant, and travels around the world as a solo luxury backpacker.

Ed says: “I cannot believe how easy it is to travel as a deaf person’ and says that he wants to ‘inspire any deaf person to pick up a rucksack and see the world.”

Ed’s post Travelling solo with a cochlear implant around the world describes how cochlear implant surgery boosted his confidence and led to his solo travel adventures.

Conquering fear

Lauren Juliff – Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren is a long-term budget traveler who previously had acute anxiety.

Lauren says: “Travel has healed and helped me in so many ways, so don’t let your fear of the unknown prevent you from trying it, too.”

In this blog post Lauren shares the strategies which she used to conquer a fear of flying: How I overcame my severe fear of flying.

Accessible travel in the UK

Rob and Bridget Obey – The Bimblers

Rob and Bridget travel around the UK and Ireland in a wheelchair and write about accessible travel.

Their blog says:

“The Bimblers is for people like us. That could mean you’re over 40, have mobility problems, are disabled, have a chronic illness or maybe you’re a wheelchair user.”

Their post about a city break in wheelchair friendly Dublin details how they enjoyed exploring the city so much that they want to go back for another visit.

Gretta Schifano

by Gretta Schifano

Gretta Schifano is an award-winning travel blogger and journalist. Gretta writes about luxury, cultural and active family travel with teenagers, and 50+ travel, on her blog Mums do travel. She travels regularly to Europe, the USA and beyond and lives with her husband and kids in the Surrey countryside, near to London. Gretta previously worked as a BBC radio producer, has lived and worked in Italy and Spain and loves chocolate, kindness and exploring new places.