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Travel Insurance For Over 75s

Quality travel insurance

tailored to your needs

Travel Insurance for over 75s

Travel insurance for the over 75s

Staysure are the experts at providing holiday insurance for over 75s. Our policies are tailored to ensure that you and your family can travel with peace of mind, knowing your health and personal possessions are properly covered.

We know that older travellers are more likely to have medical conditions, making it harder to get holiday insurance. It's important that your policy covers all pre-existing conditions to avoid facing large bills if you need treatment in another country. At Staysure, our travel insurance for over 75s with pre-existing medical conditions often comes at no extra cost on your premium.

Cover is also available for more serious conditions and this can be arranged quickly and easily by answering a few simple questions online, or by calling the experts on 0844 692 8444.


Basics travel insurance Comprehensive travel insurance
Medical emergencies and repatriation, up to £5m
Up to up to £200 of lost baggage cover
Option for cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption, up to £5,000
Missed departures cover
Medical emergencies and repatriation, up to £10m
Up to up to £2,000 of lost baggage cover
Cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption, up to £5,000
Personal liability and legal protection, up to £24,000


Tailor made policies

We can also tailor a policy to suit you with additional cover for activities such as winter sports and golf.

Single trip and annual cover in Europe and worldwide
Many pre-existing medical conditions included
Simple medical screening for more serious conditions
UK Contact Centre open seven days a week

How long is your trip?

If you're planning just one holiday, up to a maximum of 31 days, our single trip holiday insurance for over 75s offers the best value. We also offer annual travel insurance for over 75s to either Europe or worldwide destinations, with includes a maximum single trip duration of 35 days and a total of 183 days combined cover for the year.

Travel tips for over 75s

Before you book, it's a good idea to plan your trip carefully. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides excellent country-specific information, with important safety and security updates for your destination.
If you need vaccinations, make sure you arrange for these at least eight weeks before you are due to depart. You can find detailed vaccination information at the NHS, along with general travel advice for the elderly.
If you take any medication, you need to make sure you've got enough to last your entire trip, plus possible delays. Talk with your GP about how to take your medication if you're travelling through different time zones. You should also get a written note from your GP detailing the prescribed drugs you're taking.
If you're flying, request seats with the most legroom and you'll also be able to request help getting on and off the plane, and stowing your luggage. Let them know of any dietary requirements you may have in advance.
Plan a detailed itinerary. Leave a copy of this, along with copies of your important documents, with someone at home. If you need to make extra arrangements for any planned trips, such as the provision of a wheelchair, do this before you depart.
Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance for peace of mind to cover all eventualities. This will cover you if you should fall ill while you're away, as well as provide baggage cover, repatriation, personal liability and legal protection.
Pack light. If you're going on a short trip, try to avoid packing and carrying a heavy bag and ask the stewards to help you get hand luggage into the overhead lockers. Make sure you've got everything you need for the flight to hand. If you're checking in luggage make sure your carry-on bag has everything you need for your journey.

Travel checklist for the over 75s

Note from your GP detailing all medication
Details of any transfers and address of your destination
A small amount of local currency if possible
Travel insurance details
Walking stick if required
Guidebook and itinerary
Travel pillow
Sun protection and moisturiser
Protective footwear for the beach if necessary
Spare pair of glasses
Mobile phone, charger and a foreign adapter
Mosquito net

To find out which policy suits you best, feel free to call our travel insurance experts on 0844 692 8444 who will gladly help. Alternatively, get an instant online quote.

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