Benefits of Expat Health & Home Insurance | Moving Abroad

How does living abroad affect my current insurance?

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Guest Writer
Holiday home

Making that long-awaited move overseas is an exciting time for expats, but there are a lot of things to arrange before it is time to jet off. Among the hustle and bustle of buying a new property, shipping belongings abroad and saying goodbye to loved ones, it is easy to put insurance to the back of your mind. However, there is rarely a time that cover is more needed than when moving to a new country, which holds the potential for things to go wrong in an expensive manner.

Your current insurance will need extending or changing

When it comes to the question of whether your current insurance policy will cover you abroad, there is no definitive answer. Some insurers may be willing to extend their cover overseas, although the majority of providers will not. Either way, you need to find out ahead of time whether your home insurance, health insurance and medical insurance can be transferred abroad, and arrange with your insurer so that you will be fully covered should anything go wrong.

Expat insurance has many benefits

While some people will be able to extend some aspects of the insurance policies to cover them while abroad, taking out specific expat insurance can save a lot of time and trouble. This is because such policies are specifically tailored to take care of people living overseas, meaning that they cater directly for the needs of these individuals.

Expat Health Insurance

While living abroad is largely an exciting experience, falling ill miles away from the UK and depending on foreign health systems can be an extremely daunting prospect. With expat insurance, the process of seeking medical help in an unfamiliar country is a lot less nerve-wracking.

Expat health insurance policies ensure you have access to the best healthcare facilities available, with high quality facilities on offer. Here at Staysure, our policies have no upper age limit and we offer plenty of choice from leading international health insurers. There is also a low excess calculated each year, rather than per claim.

One aspect of expat health insurance that is bound to make you feel more at home is the 24-hour helpline with trained medical professionals. This operates in a similar way to NHS Direct and ensures that you are never left without help, whether there is a medical emergency or just a minor ailment troubling you.

Expat Home Insurance

Buying a home abroad could be one of the best things you’ve ever done, but it is also quite a risky process, with lots of foreign laws to become acclimatised to. Taking out an Expat Home Insurance policy provides peace of mind that should the process not go as smoothly as hoped, you will not be left out of pocket.

People moving to a location in Europe can secure Expat Home Insurance quickly and easily, with online quotes and booking available. There are the options of comprehensive building and/or contents insurance, and a No Claims discount is also available to help push premiums down further. To ensure you feel settled in your new home, there is also a 24-hour emergency helpline.

Expat insurance offers much more than standard cover

As experienced expat insurers, Staysure understands that people living abroad have certain needs and requirements. The special features of our expat cover make sure that people living abroad always have the help and support they need, meaning that moving away does not have to be a daunting prospect.