What is car warranty cover?

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Guest Writer
Couple standing by their open top car

Put simply, car warranty cover provides an extended guarantee on your car to ensure you are not left out of pocket should something go wrong with your motor. When you buy a new car, there is typically a warranty in place for a specified period of time that will cover the cost if anything goes wrong with the vehicle and should need to be fixed.

There are numerous loopholes and get-out clauses on car warranties

New vehicles come from the manufacturer with a basic factory warranty. This is intended to protect the car owner from the cost of repairing or replacing parts of the vehicle if they experience a mechanical malfunction – until the warranty runs out. However, many of these warranties have proven to have plenty of loopholes so the manufacturer can get out of paying out if something does go wrong. Furthermore, once the warranty expires, car owners will find they have no safety net that will protect them from unfortunate damage to their vehicle.

This is why extended warranty protection is an important insurance to take out. It ensures that should something go wrong with the car, you will receive a payout, even if your original guarantee does not hold out.

Car warranty covers most vehicles for up to 12 years or 120,000 miles

Staysure has teamed up with Warranty Direct to offer this insurance option, and for the duration or number of miles specified on the warranty, the car is covered for a number of things that can go wrong with a vehicle.

Importantly, it is covered for wear and tear, meaning that should you want to get some damage repaired that has occurred in the everyday usage of your car, you won’t be left out of pocket. It also provides cover for overheating and faults detected during MOT and servicing.

This guarantee stays in place should you want to take your car abroad too, offering cover for 100 days in Europe.

In-house engineers will handle your claims from start to finish for extra peace of mind.

Warranty Direct’s policy includes protection for electronic and mechanical failures, even if the damage is caused to the insured parts by uninsured parts.

In addition, policyholders also receive basic breakdown recovery as standard. In the event of a breakdown, your chosen recovery company would transfer the vehicle to a VAT registered garage; where, if it is during opening hours, the garage will call Warranty Direct for repair authorisation, meaning that any approved claims can be settled directly. If this event should occur outside of opening hours, you may have to settle the claim before submitting it to the insurance company for potential reimbursement.

People who take out this cover will also reap the benefits from day one as there is no exclusion period.

Warranty protection provides peace of mind

A used car warranty, unlike standard car insurance, is not compulsory in the UK. However, for a small premium, people can buy peace of mind that if something should go wrong with their car, it will not set them back financially. Cars can be an expensive asset, from buying them, to insurance and MOTs – everything seems to cost. Taking out warranty insurance makes sure that if something should be found to be wrong in the MOT, or the car becomes damaged in some other way, you won’t have to pay out further.