How to claim if you are hit by an uninsured driver

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Guest Writer
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It’s a sad fact that an estimated one million uninsured drivers use Britain’s roads today, posing unnecessary dangers and costs to responsible, law-abiding road users.

You might be driving along safely when, all of a sudden, an uninsured driver collides with you through no fault of your own. Within seconds you have a nightmare to deal with, plus several unanswered questions. How do you make a claim when the other driver has no insurance? How much will you have to pay for repairs and perhaps medical costs? Will your no-claims bonus be affected?

So what should you do if you are hit by an uninsured driver?

1. Make a note of the details

  • Get the other car’s make, model and registration number. If the driver is uninsured, he/she may give you a false name and address, so the number on the registration plate is the most important information you need to get. If you are in a blind panic or without a pen or paper, you could take a photo of it with your mobile phone. And, if possible, take a photo of the driver too.
  • Take notes on the accident itself, including details of road markings, light conditions, the time, signals and actions made by each car.
  • If there are independent witnesses, take their contact details too, so that the police can get a statement from them.

2. Call the police

It is standard practice to call the police after an accident, especially if there has been a serious collision or injuries. They will file an accident report which your insurance company or compensatory body will need in order to process your claim.

3. Contact your insurers

If you have comprehensive cover you can make a claim but be aware that there may be an excess to pay and your no claims bonus is also likely to be affected, unless you have paid to protect it. When you take out your policy you may also consider including legal cover which covers the cost of a lawyer should you need to pursue your claim through the courts.

Third party insurance does not enable you to recover any costs, even though it was not your fault, because your insurance company will have nowhere to recover the cost from. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) may be able to help.

4. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB)

The MIB is ideal for “hit and run” style claims where you are unable to claim from your insurers because the other driver was uninsured. They help people involved in road accidents where the normal routes to compensation might not exist or be difficult to trace. But bear in mind you will need to pay them the first £300 of any claim. The MIB will also consider claims for vehicle and property damage as well as injury where compensation cannot be claimed from another source such as an insurance company due to the other driver not being insured.

These tips are non-advisery and are merely meant as a general guide. For more detailed information, please consult your insurance providers. If you’re looking for insurance for your next car insurance renewal, consider Staysure.