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Holiday Home Insurance – Scotland

Posted on November 6, 2014 by Eleanor McKenzie
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If you own a holiday or second home in Scotland, then holiday home insurance is essential if you are to protect your treasured asset. When you are not using your second home all year round, it’s particularly important to insure your property and its contents against damage.

Staysure are specialists at providing holiday home insurance in Scotland and will be glad to provide you with Contents insurance, Buildings insurance or a combination of both to suit your particular needs. You’ll be reassured to know you have the right insurance in place to cover costs should the worst happen.

Renting out your second home in Scotland?

If you are renting out your holiday property, not only is it vital that you have both Buildings and Contents cover, you may want to include Accidental Damage to your policy to protect you against guests who may not be as careful with your property as you are.

Liability is also an important consideration if you have strangers staying in your property. In such a litigious world, you may wish to cover yourself should a paying guest or domestic worker make a claim against you for accidents they have while at your property. We designate lawyers to defend you in a legal case and, if it’s deemed necessary, we will also arrange for an appeal.

Lost rental bookings due to an unexpected catastrophe can seriously damage your rental strategy. Your holiday home insurance includes cover for bookings you confirmed before your holiday home became uninhabitable. We pay up to 20% of the sum you have insured, or £1,000 (or equivalent) in any one period of insurance, depending on the circumstances of the damage caused.

How much to insure

Take out an inventory of everything you want covered under Contents insurance, including how much it costs to replace each item. If you make an expensive purchase and wish to add it to your policy, you can do so at any time – there’s no need to wait for renewal time.

Underinsuring could prove to be a false economy. Premiums might be lower but bills will mount up if you aren’t properly insured and you won’t get the full cover you need.

Holiday home insurance tips

  • Read the small print. If there’s something you don’t understand in the policy document, ask for full clarification. Always remember that the things that you do not know about could cause you a problem in the future.
  • Check for any security measures you might have to make for your holiday home in Scotland. This is important or your policy could be rendered invalid if you don’t comply with the regulations.
  • Find out what other conditions there are to make sure your holiday home is properly covered, such as keeping the heating on a low temperature throughout the year.
  • Check if outdoor furniture, as well as your pool and barbecues, is also covered in your policy in terms of theft, damage and liability.
  • Does your policy cover you for accidental damage, not only by you, but by your guests and paying tenants?
  • Liability insurance is important if you wish to be protected against death or injury to a third party whilst on your property.
  • Be aware of the period you can leave your property unattended without your cover becoming invalid.
  • Do you need cover for loss of earnings should something happen that stops your paying guests from staying?

by Eleanor McKenzie

Eleanor McKenzie is a Northern Irish writer with a passion for art, literature, and red wine. She's worked at advertising agency JWT, edited a journal for a European social policy think tank and tried to teach teenagers the difference between "there" and "their". Being 50+ has not significantly changed Eleanor's life, although she finds it a handy excuse when she wants to avoid anything too energetic.