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Secret Spain – Benidorm hotels and other hidden gems

Posted on July 2, 2015 by Guest Writer
Playa de Poniente in Benidorm at sunset

Forget the Benidorm of the 70s and 80s and the boozy British culture. Benidorm today has cleaned itself up and emerged as a sparkling Spanish town with plenty to offer.

Situated on the southern coast of Spain, Benidorm is a destination that the Spanish, as well as other Europeans, love to holiday in. Although this is a sun-lover’s paradise, Benidorm also has some intriguing hidden delights to discover. From top quality Benidorm hotels to tucked away tapas bars and restaurants, this is a town with a few surprises up its sleeve.

Levante Beach, Benidorm


While warm sunshine and sandy beaches are not exactly secrets of Benidorm, it might interest you to know that the beaches here consistently win awards for being well kept and are spotlessly clean right through the day.



Another reason visitors love this town so much is the cuisine. You can find just about every type of restaurant you can think of here, but for a local experience, you could seek out La Corfradia Vinos Y Tapas. This incredible tapas restaurant is a favourite with the Spanish who holiday here. Close to the Plaza de Espana, on Calle Gardenias, it appears to be an ordinary little bar down a side street. But ignore the cheap signage and modest demeanour and you won’t be disappointed. The food here is spectacular and you’ll get a real taste of local life as you sit outside for a drink in the evening.

View of hotels on the beach, Benidorm


The modern traveller demands quality and Benidorm hotels certainly deliver that today. Benidorm hotels cover all bases for visitors to the town and, running contrary to its previous image as Spain’s answer to Blackpool, Benidorm now boasts some of the most up-market places to stay in all of Spain. Small, family run boutique hotels and B&Bs smile in the small streets, while the tall shiny buildings Benidorm is famous for breathe luxury, service, and attention to detail.

The high rises that colour Benidorm’s horizon have their charm and look stunning in the evening’s electric light extravaganza – even these most easily recognised aspects of Benidorm’s terrain can be a surprise.

Placa del Castell, Benidorm


The town’s quietly hidden delights are painted white, blue and terracotta shining warmly in the days of endless sunshine. The old town is a must if you want to discover the true heart of Benidorm. Here you’ll find narrow streets, a bustling square with restaurants and bars and some beautiful old town features.

Placa del Castell is a look-out point in the old town with stunning views over the bay and town below. Decorative turrets in Spanish white and blue with mosaic detail stand either side of a pretty white pergola. Quaint archways with cherry wood features and a large expanse of tiled floor welcome you to this charming and relaxing area. There are a few bars and restaurants here and this is a perfect alternative to the beach and streets in downtown Benidorm. Placa del Castell has all the tradition of real Spain but bear in mind that while this is a spectacular viewing platform built on the hilltop, it isn’t easily accessible if you have mobility issues.

If you thought Benidorm was all bright-lights and big buildings, perhaps the biggest surprise of all comes in Aiguera Park. Here you can stroll quietly through the tree-lined walkway and breathe in the pleasant sea-salted air. At the end of the park is the Julio glasias Iglesias auditorium, an outdoor amphitheatre which is now used for open air performances and concerts. Set right in the middle of town, this is a welcome and secluded expanse of greenery with a piece of history attached to it.

Benidorm changes its face to suit the traveller and reveals its secrets to those who look for them. Spend some time in this intriguing resort and forget everything you thought you knew. Benidorm is likely to surprise and delight you.