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Inspiring Stories: Women over 50

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Gretta Schifano
Woman Writing Outdoors

The middle years are a time of transition, and they can be a tricky period of our lives. But for many, being over-50 is a chance to find happiness, do adventurous things and rediscover you! There are many inspirational women who blog about their experiences and adventures after the age of fifty. Here are some of the most engaging. Give them a visit and feel inspired!

Overcoming a Fear of Heights

Fiona Russell – Fiona Outdoors

Fiona Russell is based in Scotland, and is passionate about outdoor adventure and fitness.
Recent challenges include taking part in a 50k running race, and overcoming a fear of heights to climb the appropriately named Inaccessible Pinnacle.
Fiona says: ‘I have never considered age to be a creator of barriers. I do not believe I will ever be too old for adventure, happiness, fitness, get-up-and-go, fun and doing things differently.’
In her blog post ‘Training for an ultra – the menopause pains’, Fiona describes how her menopause symptoms affected her training.

Becoming a Drone Pilot after Injury

Larch Gauld – The Silver Nomad

Larch Gauld loves travelling to new places and seeking out interesting adventures and experiences.
Larch has built up an impressive portfolio career following a life-changing injury. A brand ambassador for Women Who Drone, Larch is currently training to become a CAA licensed drone operator. She explains that worldwide less than 3% of qualified drone pilots are women. Larch says: ‘I would like to help you to broaden your horizons, experience new places and show you that travelling later in life can be as exhilarating as when you are younger!’
In her post ‘A Happy Accident, Disability and Me’, Larch shares her journey from the incident which resulted in her disability.

Turning Fifty, Turning Vegan

Chris Mosler – Thinly Spread

Chris Mosler shares vegan and vegetarian recipes alongside stories from her life and travels on her blog Thinly Spread. Mum of four Chris was a vegetarian for thirty years, before deciding recently to become a vegan. She’s often to be found enjoying life sailing the Jurassic Coast on her boat. Chris says: ‘I hope you will celebrate the seasons with me, not only through food but through crafts, travel, home, sailing and family life – all the things which make me tick’.
In her post ‘Turning 50 and pressing the reset button’, Chris shares her thoughts on her vegan journey and the future plans for her blog.

Random Acts of Kindness

Ruth Johnston – Exploramum & Explorason

Single parent Ruth Johnston and her son have been travelling and exploring the world and their home country of Australia since 2012.
The pair like to volunteer and carry out random acts of kindness on their travels. Ruth says: ‘Travel for us is not just about seeing, it is about making a difference too. The more we give, the more we want to give.’
In her post ‘Random Acts of Kindness – Caring for Kenya’, Ruth explains how she, her son and their readers helped some locals who needed their support when they were in Kenya.

Fashion is Ageless

Alyson Walsh – That’s Not My Age

Former magazine fashion editor Alyson Walsh set up her website That’s Not My Age in order to share style inspiration for women of all ages.
Alyson says: ‘Looking good is not about buying loads of new stuff but spending time figuring out what makes you feel chic, comfortable and confident.’
In her article ‘Am I too old for dungarees’, Alyson explores the history of the dungaree, and models a pair herself!

Gretta Schifano

by Gretta Schifano

Gretta Schifano is an award-winning travel blogger and journalist. Gretta writes about luxury, cultural and active family travel with teenagers, and 50+ travel, on her blog Mums do travel. She travels regularly to Europe, the USA and beyond and lives with her husband and kids in the Surrey countryside, near to London. Gretta previously worked as a BBC radio producer, has lived and worked in Italy and Spain and loves chocolate, kindness and exploring new places.