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11 Must-Have Travel Items for When You’re Off on Holiday

Posted on March 23, 2019 by Lucy Hancock
senior couple smiling while packing suitcase

Packing can be stressful, particularly when you want to feel prepared for anything on your holiday. The question of ‘what if I forget something?’ may be in the back of your mind, while wanting to get the chore of packing done so you can travel with everything taken care of.

We asked our customers what they can’t go on holiday without. Here are their top 11 must-have items that you’ll be wanting in your suitcase, to make sure you don’t forget anything useful!

1) Tablet / Laptop

If you’re flying short haul, it’s unlikely any in-flight entertainment will be included during your journey. Instead, providing your own entertainment will make the flight feel quicker and give you a chance to unwind during the journey. A tablet serves not only as a mini TV during your flight, but can work as an e-Reader, saving your luggage space otherwise crammed with books!

Electronic devices are also a great way to stay in touch with family back home while you’re away if you can find a free Wi-fi area.

2) Underwear

May sound a given to most, but many of us have that friend (or are that friend!) who forgot to pack their underwear. “Always pack an extra pair!” one customer said. Wise words.

3) Power bank

Taking a power bank, otherwise known as a portable charger, is a useful, lightweight solution to taking those all important holiday snaps and your phone dying when you need it most! If you’re off on a holiday with tourist attractions and exploring, having a portable power source is the ideal solution to making sure you’ll get all the photos without running out of charge.

4) Refillable water bottle

Not only does a refillable water bottle cut down on the use of plastic, but having a bottle in your bag works as a reminder for you to stay hydrated in hotter climates! Click here for our tips on how to stay safe in the sun.

5) Sunglasses

While sunglasses are often seen as a fashion accessory to many, their most important job is protecting your eyes from our sun’s UV rays. That, and having the sunlight in your eyes is generally uncomfortable!
Make sure your sunnies have UV protection as some will only be fashion glasses and won’t protect your eyes against our sun’s rays.

6) Toiletries organiser

Not only does organised luggage look tidy, having your toiletries separate from the rest of your luggage minimises the risk of your clothes getting wet from bottle leaks!

7) Tea bags

One of our customers said that “good old English Breakfast tea doesn’t taste the same elsewhere!” If you’re a half a dozen cups a day person, it may be worthwhile taking your tea bags with you. After all, you can’t beat home comforts.

8) Anti-bacterial gel

When travelling, particularly on public transport, the spread of unwanted germs is almost unavoidable. To give you that peace of mind that you’re fighting off germs, anti-bacterial gel may be your must-have. Most anti-bacterial gels are travel sized (under 100ml), so can easily fit in your carry-on luggage.

9) Boiled sweets

One customer said that they struggle with their ears popping when flying. One thing that’s said to help with this is boiled sweets, which you could suck when the plane begins to descend. It’s easier to pop your ears if you swallow, yawn or chew.

10) Grooming kit

Having a grooming kit with you when you’re away, including a nail file, some mini scissors and tweezers, can be the life-saver you need when you least expect it. A broken nail can be especially irritating when you’ve got nothing with you to fix it!

11) Neck pillow

Ideal for both long and short-haul flights, a neck pillow adds both an extra level of comfort when you’re sitting, and aids neck pain, back pain and headaches. Neck pillows are designed to correct spinal misalignment, by reshaping itself to support your head’s weight.

You’ll find them in most airport shops, but it may be cheaper to buy yours before you go.


Have we missed anything that you’d consider a must-have travel item? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what’s at the top of your packing list for your next trip away…

Lucy Hancock

by Lucy Hancock

Lucy Hancock is Staysure's Content Executive. As a specialist travel insurance provider, we aim to keep up-to-date with travel trends, all while offering tips on how to make the most of your holiday. Lucy travelled across Europe with Interrail in 2017, and her favourite destination was Budapest. She likes big books, big words and the colour yellow.