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Rise of the ‘Staycation’ – but what about Travel Insurance?

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Guest Writer
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Staysure estimates that half of Brits fail to take out travel insurance cover for holidays in the UK.

As a growing number of Brits are favouring short ‘Staycation‘ trips on these shores instead of venturing abroad, many are overlooking the importance of taking out adequate travel insurance cover.

According to a recent study by Mintel, one in four travellers believe there is little point in buying travel insurance for a holiday in the UK, but over 50s insurance specialist Staysure estimate that this number is much higher.

Staysure Chairman Ryan Howsam said: “Over the past few years we’ve noticed a huge surge in the number of customers taking holidays at home, but many assume that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. Compared with holidays abroad where around 85 per cent of people will take out insurance, we estimate that at least half of Brits taking UK staycations don’t have any cover in case things goes wrong.

“Some UK travel policies can be very basic, so it’s important for customers to read the small print carefully to understand what the cover includes. For peace of mind, we’d always recommend a policy that covers loss and theft of personal belongings. Private medical treatment is usually not included as costs are covered by the NHS, but it’s important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer so you are covered should you fall ill and need to cancel your trip before travelling.

UK travel insurance premiums will vary according to the type of policy, level of cover and age of traveller, but for customers planning several holidays in the UK or abroad within 12 months, an annual travel insurance policy might just save you money.”

Staysure’s Basic single trip travel insurance, is ideal for holidaymakers looking for a great value, straightforward policy to cover breaks in the UK. A trip of up to four days starts from just £4.74 for a 50-year-old and includes baggage cover of up to £200 and cancellation & cutting your holiday short up to £5,000 when included as an add-on.

More information on all travel insurance policies can be found here.

Note: Our policies have been updated since this story was published.