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USA, Canada and India top league table of most expensive countries to fall ill

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Guest Writer
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Following an announcement by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that the price of getting ill overseas can cost more than the average UK house, Staysure has revealed the most expensive countries to fall ill in.

From Staysure claims data during 2015, the US, Canada, India, Singapore and South Africa top the table with an average claim in the US at over £5,500 compared to the UK (14th in the table) at just over £1,000 per average claim.

Last year, Staysure’s largest payout for medical treatment was for a traveller who suffered a heart attack and required surgery in the United States and faced hospital bills including physician fees and repatriation of over $600,000. With appropriate cover this bill was reduced to £280,000.

Most expensive average medical claims

United States £5,533
Canada £4,356
India £3,423
Singapore £2,866
South Africa £2,586
Jamaica £2,194
Turkey £1,647
Portugal £1,568
Australia £1,585
Italy £1,486
Spain £1,363
Thailand £1,204
UK £1,162
Greece £984
France £983

Given that an average travel insurance annual multi trip policy might cost as little as £40, it does put these eye watering costs in sobering context. It also highlights how rash one in five Britons are by travelling without cover, but also those who take out cover without declaring pre-existing medical conditions”, said Staysure CEO, Chris Rolland.

The full story from the ABI can be read here.

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