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Top 10 things to see and do in Kuta

Posted on October 17, 2016 by Kelly Johnstone
Sun loungers on a beach

Mountains and jagged cliffs reaching down to a crescent-shaped bay, pristine white sands, shallow blue-green waters and some of the best surfing waves in Indonesia: Lombok Island’s quiet village of Kuta is paradise on earth for many people – so much so, it can be hard to leave.

Kuto was once deserted, except for few seaweed farmers, fishermen and their families. Today it is still tranquil despite experiencing increased popularity as a holiday destination/

The coastline is composed of a dozen or so spectacularly beautiful bays, backed by hills dotted with lush tobacco fields and banana trees. The village hosts a few hundred houses and is still a down-to-earth place with a basic market area and a seafront lined with modest cafes and restaurants.

Chill out at a beach bar

Kick off the evening by sitting back and relaxing with a drink as you take in some truly memorable sea views. Ashtari Coffee House is a beautifully constructed building overlooking Kuta and Kuta Bay. Sit on the large balcony – play the board games if you wish – and enjoy the epic sea views along with tasty food and drink.

Eat like the locals

Great restaurants and cafes are on the increase in Kuta and you can enjoy anything from French croissants at the Corner French Bakery and Bar to prime cuts at Kuta Steak House or chilli crab at Lombok Lounge.

Kuta beach bar

Have a late night

Kuta has its fair share of entertainment by night, including bars, pubs and clubs, many with live music and house DJs. Clubbing starts late – usually around midnight and goes on until the early hours.

Swim at Mawaun Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches for swimming in Kuta and it’s easy to see why. All you need to do is stretch out on the powdery sands, and slip into the calm, shallow waters when you’re ready to cool off.

Take to the waters

Snorkelling, diving and boating are popular pursuits in Kuta, thanks to its magnificent beaches and safe swimming. If you’re ready to explore the depths of the ocean, guided diving, snorkelling and boat trips are provided by several local businesses.

Kuta-2 (1)

Surf the waves

If you’re a keen surfer, Kuta is a surfing mecca with a multitude of great breaks to choose from. For novices, this is also a perfect place to take lessons – try Kimen Surf for top quality surf lessons.

Climb Monkey Mountain

From mid-afternoon, monkeys gather at the base of a big, steep hill near the ocean. Buy fruit from a local stall and feed the monkeys and once they’ve eaten, continue walking around the “mountain” to take a dip in one of the quiet swimming spots.


Visit a traditional Sasak village

Lombok hosts many traditional thatched Sasak villages which offer the chance to see how the Sasak people have been living for centuries. Rembitan and Sade lie and a few kilometres north of Kuta and despite being quite touristy at times, they make for an interesting cultural experience.

Meet the bracelet kids

You can’t miss the young kids down on the beach trying to sell you bracelets and other trinkets. If you’re in Kuta for a while it’s good to get to know them and observe the great sales skills!

Watch the sunset

The perfect way to end your day in Kuta. The short walk to the top of the Sunset Viewing Point is well worth it for jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the sun setting over Kuta Bay.

10 things to see and do in Kuta