Why use our neuropathy travel insurance?

Peripheral neuropathy is a relatively common condition affecting around one in 50 people in England. It most commonly affects people with diabetes (types 1 and 2) and, as such, it’s a pre-existing medical condition that Staysure is used to considering.

As over 50s specialists in pre-existing medical condition cover, we consider all medical conditions for anyone wanting quality insurance and peace of mind on holiday. Even Staysure’s most inexpensive policies can cover your pre-existing medical conditions should you find yourself in a medical emergency while you are away.

For more information and to get a quote for peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy travel insurance, give us a call on 0800 033 4902 and one of our specialists will be glad to help. Alternatively, you can complete the quick and easy medical screening process and get your quote online by clicking below.

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Why do I need travel insurance for neuropathy?

It’s very important to declare your pre-existing medical conditions when taking out your travel insurance policy. If you skip this step then you will not be covered if you need to make a claim.

Don’t be mistaken. The free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will not cover you for anything more than basic emergency treatment in EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein only.

Our medical screening is quick and easy to complete. Be prepared to answer a few simple questions to satisfy our underwriters that you are suitable for cover. If you have diabetes, you will also need to declare this, along with neuropathy and any other conditions you may have. Screening questions could be: does neuropathy interfere with your daily activities; do you use mobility aids; and have you had any unplanned hospital visits in the past year?

Remember to list everyone in your travel party when you get your quote. That way, should the unexpected happen and you need to make a claim, you will all be conveniently covered together on the same policy.

Tailor your policy

If you’re looking for more specific cover, for a small extra cost we can also tailor our Comprehensive policies with add-ons to suit your particular holiday needs. For example, you could choose to add optional cover for winter sports onto your Comprehensive policy for a ski trip. This will cover ski equipment, ski passes, piste closure and lots more.  Alternatively, you might need golf cover in case your equipment gets lost and you need to hire alternative equipment – you’ll even be covered for a hole-in-one!

Our Comprehensive policies include cancellation cover, extra flights and accommodation for you and your travel companions. This cover can also be added to our Basic policy as an optional extra if you prefer. Add to this the convenience of our multi-lingual 24-hour emergency assistance service to help you with your medical arrangements should you find yourself in an emergency abroad and you will see why so many people opt for our travel insurance policies.

Tips for travelling with peripheral neuropathy

As with most medical conditions, there are a few things you can do to make your journey more comfortable. Some of us forget to do the obvious so the following check-list may help you plan ahead amidst the excitement of organising your trip.

  • If travelling by plane, book an aisle seat to enable you to take a stroll easily and stretch your limbs as much as possible to increase circulation
  • Bring extra medication with you in your hand luggage to cover you for any unexpected delays. Don’t put it in your hold luggage as if it gets lost or mislaid by the airline, you will be out of medication
  • Bring with you written prescriptions of all your medications to make replacing them easier if necessary
  • If you have mononeuropathy, don’t forget to bring eye lubrication should you need it to combat the in-flight air conditioning
  • Reduce your carry-on luggage to a minimum to avoid struggling with a heavy or awkward bag – it could cause you to lose balance and stumble
  • Ideally travel with an able companion and don’t hesitate to ask others for help when you need it
  • Ask for an extra pillow or two wherever you are staying to enable you to elevate your head to 30 degrees and reduce dizziness when you get up again.

Neuropathy Travel Insurance

To get a neuropathy travel insurance quote, simply apply online or speak to us today on 0800 033 4902.

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